July 29, 2008

July 27, 2008

Hat In Hand

Anthony recently finished his season of baseball. It is a very long season! (His team made it to the playoffs.) Anthony loves baseball. He just loves baseball! Brian loves baseball and my Dad loves baseball. They love to sit around talking about baseball! Brian and Anthony even have a fantasy baseball team together. Baseball names get thrown around in my house like they are a part of the family! All that to say, Anthony takes baseball seriously.

Anthony plays the position of catcher. He is very good at his job. On occasion though, they have him play pitcher. He was doing pretty well. He struck a few guys out but he had a wild pitch that hit the batter. The batter got hit on the helmet but proceeded to cry for 2 minutes. For the love of Pete, the helmets are padded! After helmet boy calmed down he went to first base. Anthony made is way over to first base. When he got there he took off his hat and offered the boy his hand along with an apology.

This scene reminded me of all those old movies where the poor guy goes to the rich guy with his hat in hand. An act of humility.

Later, as I was replaying the scene, I got to wondering if I approach people like Anthony did. Do I take my proverbial hat off and go to them in humility when I have wronged them? Or do I offer a quick sorry and be on my way. When I fight with my husband do I just want to be right or do I go him in humility and acknowledge that I have hurt him? (Even if his helmet is padded!)

i'm back!

As many of you know, I took a break from blogging. I worked very, very part time at Safari Sam's doing paper work for my husband. In January, one of the ladies in the accounting office was going south for 3 months and they asked if I would fill in while she was gone. I did, and that brought me to actual part time. It was hard to fit work into my already busy schedule but I thought I could handle it for 3 months.

Three months came and went and I was asked to stay on permanently. I love my job so I decided to stay on. It has taken me awhile to get used to juggling everything. Brian and the boys have been so supportive of me and they started pitching in and helping me out around the house.

So, I am back! I missed sharing stories about my family. The kids missed it too because they like to read stories about themselves! Thanks for reading!