August 28, 2008

New Shoes!

Yeah! I have enough money for a new pair of shoes! Pretty, pretty shoes, how I love thee!

August 26, 2008


Our dog, Rolo, is not allowed up on the couches, but there is one exception. There is a couch in front of our front window and Rolo loves to watch the neighborhood. On this couch we allow two paws only. This gives him a nice view of the front yard. However, he has found a loophole in the rule. I walked in the room and he had his hind legs and body on the couch and his front two paws were on the floor. How could I get upset? He only had two paws on the couch!

August 19, 2008


Yesterday Parker and Tyler were playing Star Wars Battlefront on the X-box. (Yes, again with the Star Wars!) I could hear some arguing going on and sure enough the boys came downstairs to get the other one in trouble. Tyler was upset because every time he got the flag on the game Parker would shoot him. (It is a capture the flag type of thing.) Every single time. I started to explain that it was the object of the game and if he is going to play this type of game he couldn't get upset when he got shot. I told him that next time they play maybe they should be on the same team so that doesn't happen anymore. To which Tyler replied, "but I was on his team!" I looked over at Parker and he was quietly laughing. Parker Bailey!!!

August 18, 2008

The Bible

We recently gathered in Seattle with my sister, who lives in Lake Stevens, and my Dad, who lives in California and flies up for the weekend. It has become an annual gathering to celebrate Anthony's birthday. When Anthony was in 1st grade he wanted to go to a Mariner's game for his gift and we have been going up ever since. My sister has 3 kids and they are our boys' only cousins so it is really enjoyable for the boys.

Anyway, while we were up there my Dad gave me a Bible that belonged to my great-grandfather. It is small, only the gospels, and has a beautiful white quilted cover. It is small enough to fit in a pocket and that is what it did. It went everywhere with him while he fought in WWI. On the front page it has the date and place of his baptism. The next page has his rank and serial number from the U.S. Army.

I can only image what this Bible has been through and seen. I can only imagine the comfort and strength God's Word brought to a soldier. It was of such importance that it was carried at all times. This Bible is not only a precious family heirloom but it is also a reminder for me. Do I carry God's Word with me at all times through all circumstances? If not physically, do I have it "hidden in my heart"? It is a challenge to me to memorize His Word so I can have it close at hand.

August 17, 2008


If you ever meet my Parker, you will find him quiet and shy. That is how he is around most people. At home however, he is the one who keeps us all laughing and is just an all around goofball! Anthony and I were playing a game of Jenga. It was getting tense and the twins came over to watch. Parker was doing everything he could to make Anthony laugh to try and mess him up. (He wanted his mom to win! Smart boy!) He was yelling out funny phrases and my favorite one was "I'm being robbed!"

Then today, Parker was asking me how much I loved him. I told him I loved him to infinity. He then said he loved me, Brian (dad), Tyler and Anthony to infinity. And he loves Rolo, our dog, to half of infinity!

The Clone Wars part 2

We are on a pretty strict budget. We have an envelope system that we use to pay cash for most things. Each month we have an entertainment envelope and we had spent almost all of it after taking all five of us out to see The Clone Wars and getting popcorn and candy at the theater. We had just enough to take me, Parker and Tyler to see the movie again but not enough to get food there. We scoured the house for change and found enough to get some food.

The boys each got a Freeze Frame and we had enough left over to get a small popcorn. We even had a free drink coupon! We all shared the popcorn and the drink was mine. The thing about spending $4 on a bag of popcorn is that you feel compelled to eat the entire thing. The thing about a free drink is you feel compelled to drink the whole thing. I was not feeling well after the movie or for many hours after the movie. Lesson learned! I'll stick to the Milk Duds the next time! Buttered popcorn and root beer aren't friends of mine. However, chocolate and caramel are my body's best friends!!

Parker and Tyler enjoyed the movie again. On the way home I asked them if they had seen anything that they had missed the first time around. They both had things that were new to them. They connected more of the story and some new facts were revealed to them that they hadn't noticed before. They went into the movie looking for new things. It reminded me of my Bible reading sometimes. I grew up in a Christian home and went to a Christian school. The Bible was a text book in a class I had every day. I know most Bible stories so as an adult I can sometimes gloss right over a story because I know it already. I need to go into my reading with the attitude of learning and wanting to be shown something new, not with the attitude of "I know this already". That is one of the things I love about Brian's teachings. He challenges you to have your heart and eyes open to the stories you have heard a zillion times and to be open to how it relates to your life right now. It can be different things at different stages in your life. The Bible never gets old! That is exciting.

August 16, 2008

The Clone Wars

The twins are Star Wars freaks!!! We have all 6 movies. They know all the characters. I mean ALL the characters! You want to know the name of some Jedi that was in a scene for 2 seconds? My twins know it! You want to know the names of all battle ships or fighters and which side they belong to? My twins know it! You want to know the names of the planets and the space ports at each? My twins know it! You want to know every Star Wars Lego that is out there and how much each is? My twins know it! Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

So, that said, waiting around for the new Star Wars movie to come out was very difficult. The trailers were watched over and over and over again. So much so, that I thought I had already seen the entire movie. Old movies were watched and rewatched. The days were counted down. Finally, that day has arrived! We took the whole family to see The Clone Wars. They loved it!!!! In fact, Parker, Tyler and I are going back to see it again tomorrow. It is not the best movie ever made, but it is Star Wars baby and the twins loved it! Watch it again, we will! Watch it again, we must!