September 30, 2008

September 22, 2008

Safari Sam's fun

In addition to being the pastor at Rock Harbor, Brian works part time at Safari Sam's as the Sales Manager. (Our church meets in the Safari Sam's gym. I also work in accounting and group sales at Safari Sam's. It's a family thing!) On Friday night, Brian went to check up on a big group that was coming in for an all nighter. He took Anthony with him and Anthony got to try out the Sumo suits, velcro wall, and joust that they were setting up. He had a great time! Sorry, it is blurry!

I am so proud to announce...

My sister has opened her very own photography studio! Anyone who has been to my house and seen the awesome black and white photos of my kids know what a great photographer my sister is. This is a huge step out in faith and I am so proud of her. Photography has been a longtime passion of hers and she is so good at it.

I think I got the best part of the deal when she was in photography school. She would get her assignments and then come down to Portland (she was at the Art Institute in Seattle) and do them with my boys. I have so many fantastic pictures of my boys from that time period. (Anthony was around 4 and the twins were around 2) They are treasures to me. She has a gift of capturing the boys' personalities and feelings at the time. You can look at a picture of one of the twins and know instantly which twin it is because she captures who they are. A true talent! I even got to get in on some of the action. One of her stranger assignments was having me run through the woods while she chased me and took pictures. It was hard to stop laughing during that one! My favorite one was when she had to pick a career and capture the essence of that career in three photos. I was so honored when she chose my career, a stay at home mom. She followed me around the house for the day taking pictures. I had a hard time understanding how she was going to capture my job in a picture. She got an A on the assignment and sent me the pictures. There was one where I was on the floor on my knees putting on Anthony's shoes and I had one twin hanging on my back and there were toys scattered around. I sat in awe of the photo. She had captured it perfectly. The busyness, the craziness, the fun, the love. It was all there. It was amazing! She is amazing!

If you are ever in the Seattle area there is no better photographer to capture your family! Call her up. She does studio work and will go on location. She also does weddings. Check out her website at She is awesome and you will be so pleased with the results!

Love you Melanie! Knock 'em dead!

September 16, 2008


We taught pup dog a new trick. He knows how to "shake". He so enjoys the attention and treats that you don't even have to ask him to shake now. He will just come up to you and try to shake your hand. Whenever you ask him to sit, up goes the paw! Crazy puppy dog!! So proper and polite.

Times have changed

When Anthony graduated from elementary school we, along with Brian's parents and my Dad, got Anthony a lap top computer. We all thought it would be a useful tool for middle school and beyond. Anthony has been working on a paper for his science class. I watched as he was typing out the paper while switching screens to the internet where his research was. This will make me sound very old but, I remember when I had to write a paper and it had to be written in your very best handwriting in pen and you would have to start all over when you messed up. Your research had to be done at the library, or when I got older, at home with the encyclopedias! (And we had to walk in the snow, uphill, both ways!)

Times have certainly changed! It is faster and easier to write a paper now but do you think it is for the better? I am sure this is a question all generations have asked themselves. What do you think?

(Anthony working, looking studious! And Rolo checking up on Anthony to see if he can play yet!)

School Starts

Well, school has started. I always go into the new school year with mixed emotions. I am excited for the boys but at the same time I miss them! We have been busy with getting into the school routine and attending all the back to school nights and such. This year looks like it will be a great one. The twins are in 3rd grade now. (this is hard for me to imgaine!) They both love their teachers and are making new friends. I am very excited about that. Anthony has started his first year of middle school. After a nervous first week, he has settled into a nice routine and is enjoying the new freedoms that come with middle school.

So, we're off and running!