October 18, 2008

Brian's Birthday

Today is Brian's birthday. He turned a big 41! The boys made him breakfast in bed to mark the occasion. Anthony made him pancakes, Parker made him eggs, and Tyler made him cinnamon toast. They took great pride in their culinary skills! The rest of the day we just hung out at home. The boys gave Brian his presents. Tyler got him a new watch. (The dog ate part of the strap on his old one) Anthony gave him a new case for his laptop. (The dog chewed the handles off his other one.) Do you sense a theme in our house!! Parker got an ice cream cake for him. We then ordered a pizza and Brian watched game 6 (baseball!).

I gave Brian his gift yesterday while the kids were in school. I took him to a spa! We did it last year and he liked it so much we did it again. We had a massage, a facial, and a pedicure. His favorite part was the facial! Men need to be pampered too!! I took him out to dinner in downtown Portland. We went to The Melting Pot. It is a fondue restaurant. Brian loves fondue. It was really good! We especially enjoyed the dessert. We had a white chocolate and raspberry fondue. They gave us so much to dip and it was all delicious!

Brian is the love of my life and my very best friend. I feel blessed to have him in my life and I am so thankful for the day he was born!

T Tv

Tyler is so creative. He is always drawing or writing stories. He takes the things that he likes and makes them his. For example, he made his own version of Star Wars by creating Tyler Wars. There is T Bionicles and Tyler Zoos as well. This morning he made T Tv. He cut a hole in the middle of a box. On the side he wrote channel numbers. He then made a "remote" out of cardboard and put the channel numbers on it. When you select a channel he pops his head into the hole and either acts out a show or gives you information about the subject that channel is about.

Tyler never ceases to amaze me and I am so thankful God gave him such a creative mind!