December 31, 2009


We had a full house this year for Christmas, and I loved every minute of it! My Dad drove up from California and my sister and her 3 kids came down from Washington. (We missed you, Jeff!) It was a bittersweet time as my sister will be moving to Texas in January. Jeff has been accepted to the Police Academy in Dallas. (Congratulations!) Nevertheless, we had a great time together. It was fun for the cousins to get together and play.

I think I gained 20 pounds while my Dad was here. He made the traditional Pork and Knaddles for me and my sister. We then had fried knaddles for breakfast. Yumm! We also had potato pancakes and baklava. It was insanely good, but my pants are rebelling.
Unfortunately, Melanie and the kids had to leave the Wednesday before Christmas. It was sad when they left. I don't know when I will get to see them next.

After our Christmas Eve service we went home for the traditional opening of one present. That present is the same every year. Matching PJ's! This year was a first though. The boys' styles of clothing are so different there wasn't anything I would have been able to get them that they would all wear. So, they got PJ's but all of them different.
The boys were extremely anxious for morning to come. It is traditional to get up at 6am to open presents. Anthony wanted to be sure he woke at 6am so he said he was setting his alarm, to which I replied, that I would wait until he was asleep and then take his clock out of his room. He countered with setting the alarm on his phone. Again, I said I would wait until he was asleep and take his phone too. He then declared that he would hide his phone, which he did. He taped it to his leg! I asked if that hurt to take off and he said, "kinda." Meaning, yes, it did hurt! He didn't need the alarms. He and Tyler woke up around 3am and went down and watched tv with my Dad until they woke us at 6.
The morning was nice. The boys enjoyed their gifts and went right to work playing them. I made Swedish pancakes for breakfast and then the adults went for naps. One of the nice things about having older kids is they don't need help with their toys!

We enjoyed celebrating our Savior's birth this year surrounded by family.

December 29, 2009

It's been a long time!

December has come and gone and I spent a large part of it in bed. For a person who is so neurotic about hand washing, I was sick a lot! It wasn't only me though. Anthony spent a week home sick with strep. We were quite a pair!

Brian was great. He made sure homework was done and the kids were fed and bathed. It was an immense help!

I am healthy again (knock on wood!) and looking forward to the new year!

November 30, 2009

Luke Skybarker

We got home from church yesterday and were greeted by the dog holding a lightsaber. What does Rolo do while we are gone? Did we interrupt his play? At least we got a new nickname for him. Luke Skybarker!

November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! I am full and tired!!!! I think Tyler best summed up what Thanksgiving is about. He said, "I know why stores are closed on Thanksgiving. It is because you should be thankful for what you already have!" Well said Tyler! I am so thankful for my boys!!

Happy Thanksgiving! May you be happy with what you already have!

November 24, 2009

New Moon

I have been a Twilight fan since before there were any movies. My sister sent me the books with a note saying I HAD to read them. She was right. Vampires weren't my thing but the books were great. I enjoyed them immensely. I saw the first movie on DVD and thought they did a good job sticking to the book. (That is the problem I have with movies made from books. They never seem to do the book justice.) When I was sick for 5 days that movie was the only thing I watched. It was oddly soothing!

The twins and I went to see New Moon opening weekend. We didn't set out to see it. Brian was working all day Saturday and Anthony was off at a youth event so we were trying to find a movie the twins agreed upon. Easier said than done. I figured New Moon was going to be sold out so I told them not to even consider it. Turns out it wasn't sold out and that was the twins' first choice and I took it because they agreed about something!

We got there early and got good seats. We sat there waiting, eating our candy and drinking our Freeze Frames. As girls filled the seats around us, we started feeling out of place. The lights dimmed and CULTURE SHOCK!

I live in boy world! I share a room with a man. I have 3 boy children. Even the dog is a boy. I live in all things BOY! Suddenly, I was in girl world. Middle school girl world. Boy, are they different than my middle school boy! There was swooning, shrieking, and screaming! It made me smile! I looked over at the twins and they were rolling their eyes. They didn't get it. I grew up in girl world and it was fun to be transported back for a few hours.

The movie was good, the books are always better though. It was fun to visit girl world but I enjoy stepping on Legos and was looking forward to getting back there!

November 11, 2009

To those who fought before us, for those who will follow, may we never forget

What is a hero? I came across this statement and I think it defines a hero.

"The bravest are surely those who have the clearist vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet, notwithstanding, go out and meet it."

There are heroes in my family. On Sunday, December 7th, Pearl Harbor was bombed. Monday, December 8th, my Grandpa Petty enlisted in the Navy.

While only 17, my Grandpa Roy enlisted in the Marines after his older brother was killed in the war.

They both knew what enlisting meant and they went out and met it. I am so glad that I got to spend many years with both of them.

Grandpa Petty didn't talk much about the war but Grandpa Roy did. He would tell us stories about his mischief. Mostly, you had heard all the stories but every once in a while he would tell us a new one and you couldn't help but listen. My favorite part of the stories was when he would imitate his commanding officer by yelling out his last name, "Bailey!" That is where my Parker Bailey got his name from. Every once in a while I will yell out his name and am reminded of my grandpa, and I miss him. I know he would have loved my boys! (He died one month before I met Brian.)

It was Veteran's Day last week. (I have been sick for the last 5 some days so this is a tad late!) I am proud of the Veterans in my family and I hope you had a chance to thank a Vet, a hero!

November 9, 2009

So sad

It is 4:45pm and I need to turn the lights on in the house.

My bursting heart!

I am sitting here watching Parker and Tyler talk with one another and I am just struck with how intense my love for them is. I love my babies so much!

November 5, 2009

And the plot thickens...

So, lately I have been having problems with my hands. I had these same symptoms 8 years ago and it turned out to be carpal tunnel. It was only my left hand and I had the surgery and had absolutely no problems until about 2 months ago. My hands are always "falling asleep" with pain running down my arms. I also can't open or close my hands all the way. It has been painful!! So, I started the process with my doctor to diagnose carpal tunnel.

Last week I went to both rhuemetology and to physiatry. I had a nerve conduction test that revealed I have mild carpal tunnel in my left hand and moderate in my right. As a result I was sent to orthopedics to start the process for surgery. God really blessed me in this process. I have been in such pain that it has been very difficult to function during some days and the in the night I am always awakened several times by hands that have "fallen asleep." I talked with the appointment people for orthopedics on Wednesday, and they had an appointment available on Thursday. When I arrived home after that appointment, I got the mail and received a letter from the orthopedics department. It said, "The orthopedic department is a heavily requested service and we are working diligently to see that your needs are met in a timely manner. Our current wait time for an appointment is 8-12 weeks. We realize that this may come as an inconvenience to you and we appreciate your patience." I got a next day appointment! That was a God thing for sure!!!

I am now waiting for a surgery date. I have no idea when that will be. I am hoping soon!

Thank you Lord for showing yourself to me!

November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween was a little different this year. Anthony was home sick. Some people think he just has the flu (me) while others think he has the swine flu (his father). I don't know how to tell the difference, but bottom line, my baby is sick! Because of that, Halloween felt a little empty.

Brian and I had a good time out with Parker and Tyler though. We went around a few blocks around our house. Parker went as Captain Rex from Star Wars. Tyler went as a jester. It was funny to watch them run around because Parker couldn't see out his helmet very well so he was trying to keep up with Tyler. Upon re-reading that sentence, it doesn't do it justice. I guess you had to be there. Anyhow, it was good to spend some time with just the twins.

When we got back and the boys went through all their loot, they brought me some of my favorites. They said since I didn't go trick or treating (in an actual costume) it was only fair of them to give me some candy, oh, and they also don't like those pieces! It was a good thought right until the end! Still, they shared and that made me happy.

Happy Halloween everyone! Happy Birthday Dad!

October 31, 2009

When it rains it pours!

Anyone who lives or has visited Oregon can attest to its absolute beauty. Of course, that beauty comes with a price. Rain! Lots and lots of rain.

I actually like the rain. I think it is soothing. Many people find it stressful or depressing. To me, it is only stressful when I am having a good hair day and only depressing when it gets dark!

The dark is what gets me the most. With the time changing tonight the darkness comes sooner. In the height of winter it will be dark around 4:30pm. Only 8 or 9 hours of overcast sunlight a day, that depresses me. The darkness closes in around me and can feel suffocating. It frightens me too.

It reminds me of my spiritual life. Sin brings the darkness. It surrounds me. It keeps me captive. It depresses my life. God brings the light. His mercy, grace and love surrounds me and keeps me free. It uplifts my life. Christ died so I don't have to be in darkness!

If only that worked for Oregon weather as well!

October 22, 2009


This has been a hard decision for me. I have tried to keep it to myself, but I think I need to finally make it "officially" known. So, here goes. About 3 and a half years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. If you don't know what that is, it is a chronic pain disorder. I have tried to keep it to myself because I didn't want it to impact my life. I didn't want to be defined by it. Before I was married, I worked in a doctor's office. We had a patient that had fibromyalgia and she was pale white and completely incapacitated. Her husband had to do everything for her. As the doctor gave me my diagnosis, she was the first thing I thought of. I thought that life, as I knew it, was over and I was going to become this person. I got to the car and cried. I called Brian and cried some more.

I didn't want anyone but Brian to know. As close as I am to my Dad and sister, I didn't tell them. I didn't want anything to change. Because of the diagnosis, Kaiser sent me to counseling. They helped me see the stupidity of my thoughts! I told my Dad and sister and they were, and are, super supportive. I have told very few people since then. I had my support system in place and I didn't feel like sharing the news to anyone. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of church life is that people talk. Something that I wanted to keep private was passed on to others. So, I write this knowing that some of you probably already know about it.
I am in pain every day. There is not a day that goes by that pain is not front and center. I have bad days and somewhat better days. On my bad days it feels like I have the flu. My entire body aches and my skin hurts when touched. These are the days that my muscles are so tight and painful that I just need to have them rubbed. The problem is that it hurts too much to have my skin touched.

One of the things I have the hardest time with is my physical limitations. Living with the constant pain takes a lot out of me. I am tired all the time and I never have enough energy. I am not the mom I want to be. I am not the wife I want to be. I feel like the fibromyalgia has taken those things away from me. It is a constant battle.

So, why spill the beans now? There are too many times when people want to know where I am, or why didn't I go to this, or why did she leave early from that. Well, this is why. I need to be open with others and finally accept that fibromyalgia is a part of me now. It has taken a lot of prayer to finally arrive at this point!

October 19, 2009

Still broken

I am super frustrated my toe hasn't healed yet. It has been 4 weeks and I still can't even put on shoes. I am wearing Anthony's flip flops still! (Boy, it really hits home how old he is getting when I can wears his shoes!) Plus, I am trying to lose weight and not being able to run in the morning isn't helping matters. COMCAST!!!

October 16, 2009

Dates and Books

Once a month I go on a date with each of my boys. We always go out to eat and then do something like go to the movies. Parker and Tyler each like to go to Taco Bell and then to Barnes and Noble. They know I am a book addict, so they are sure to get something. It has never failed them! I love to see my boys excited about reading.

I didn't get out of the store without something for me too. One of my favorite authors is Anita Shreve. She has a new book out called "A Change in Altitude." I first read "The Pilot's Wife" and I was an instant fan. She writes in such a real way that I felt grief for the character and then when she was mad, I was mad too. That is what I look for in a book. I want to experience it, not just have them be words on a page.

Someone recommended the book "The Art of Racing in the Rain." I picked up that one too. I will let you know what I thought about them.

October 7, 2009


As I was driving home from taking the boys to school, I was struck with how beautiful the fall colors are.The streets of our neighborhood are lined with trees that change beautiful colors.You can't drive these streets and not see it.God really knows His colors!

October 3, 2009

Baseball cards

Over the weekend Anthony had mentioned something about baseball cards. I'm not really sure how it started but he was wanting some rookie cards. Brian and I looked at each other and knew it was time. Brian started collecting full sets of baseball cards from each year since Anthony was born. He hadn't told him, he was waiting for the right time. He wanted him to be old enough to realize the importance of them and young enough to still be excited about them. Brian turned to Anthony and broke the news. The look on Anthony's face was priceless! It was so cool. It was the kind of joy that comes out the eyes.

He spent the weekend going through every single one of those cards. He was a little boy again, just for awhile.

October 2, 2009


The stage of life we are in right now is pretty routine. There is school, growing boys, and church. Then repeat. Through the routine there are highlights that I look forward to every day. The first highlight is in the wee hours of the morning. As I have mentioned before, I have health issues that require me to get up an hour before the boys do so I can be physically ready for them. Every morning, the twins wake before their alarm goes off and they come downstairs. I am usually catching up on my DVR show watching. Parker and Tyler come and snuggle up next to me. We all cuddle under the same blanket, usually saying very little, just enjoying waking up slowly together. I love that time!

The next highlight is before we leave for school. We read a passage from the Bible and discuss what it means. We then share our prayer requests and our praises. Praying with my boys makes me feel safe. God has each and every one of my boys in His care.

After school is another highlight. All the boys are home and we sit around eating snacks and talking about everything that happened at school. This is a time of great laughter. We joke around and find the funny things that happened during the day.

Then comes bedtime. The boys are freshly bathed and in bed. Sometimes I will read them a story, but most of the time I am asked to give them an apple story. I started apple stories many years ago. The twins were toddlers at the time. One bite of an apple will take the little boy in the story anywhere he wants to go. The boys help me out by telling me where to send the boy, or what the boy does, or who the boy meets. The boy also takes along an orange because he can't get back to his bed without a bite of an orange! Anthony is "too old" for stories, but he likes to come in and listen to his brothers' sometimes. I tuck the boys in and give them hugs and kisses and tell them how much I love them. They tell me they love me and can't wait to see me in the morning. They melt my heart! After the boys are tucked away I get to spend a half hour with Anthony. He is such a tenderhearted boy.

My last highlight is going to bed. Since the beginning of our marriage, Brian and I always go to bed at the same time. It seems insignificant, but I enjoy getting ready for bed together. I look forward to falling asleep in his arms or holding his hand. It completes my day and I am ready for it to start again in the morning. I am so blessed!

September 24, 2009

Maybe it's me!

As I have been sharing my broken toe story I have come to realize that maybe it wasn't entirely Comcast's fault. I tend to get stupid injuries. I once sliced my finger with a knife while slicing butter. In my defense, the butter was right out of the fridge so it was very hard!

When Anthony was young, I was holding him while I was going down our wood stairs in the garage. I slipped and started going down. I wrapped both my arms around Anthony so he wouldn't get hurt. I landed full force on my hip and it required an x-ray. Luckily, I just bruised the joint area, but that one hurt!

When Anthony was 2 we were building with big cardboard blocks and we started jumping over them one at a time. Well, I didn't make it over one and rolled my ankle and had to wear a walking cast.

I have many more, but what is your most stupid injury?

September 23, 2009

It's Comcast's fault

I have been looking forward to the new season of NCIS, which started last night. We had community group so I made sure the DVR was set to record it. I checked it right before we left and the DVR said it was taping it. So, we went off to our community group. We had a great time getting to know the other couples.

TANGENT!! If you are not signed up for a community group, what are you waiting for?! Try setting your schedule around the community group. The investment is worth it. Not only will you benefit from it, your whole family will benefit as well. It is that important. At Rock Harbor our community groups are essential. We look at the Acts 2 model of the church. It says, starting in verse 46 "Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved." How awesome is that!!!? TANGENT OVER!

So, back to the story. We got home and Anthony greeted me at the door with the look of bad news on his face. For some reason the DVR didn't record my show. I was extremely frustrated. This isn't the first time we have had problems with Comcast. Frustrating!!!! I got up off the coffee table and went to walk around the couch, which I have done hundreds of times without an incident, and my foot hit the edge of the couch and I broke my pinky toe. And I am not talking about stubbing my toe, I am talking about my toe being sideways! Ouchy!

Now, sadly, I will be stuck in a walking cast and not get to wear those beautiful shoes for awhile! Sadness!!! It is all Comcast's fault!!

September 22, 2009

I can't help it!

I found a really cute pair of shoes today. I am always on the lookout for shoes that are different and not your average looking pair of heels. So, these cute shoes called out to me and I answered them back. I have to give up my Starbucks for the rest of the month, but it is worth it! Once again I bought these at I love Zappos!


Halloween was subdued this year. Anthony has been home sick and he is a real leader in the excitement category.

Anthony stayed home but we went out with Parker and Tyler. The weather was nice, meaning no rain.

When the boys got home with their candy stashes they went through them and gave me some of it. I was so proud of them when they shared that since I didn't go trick or treating I needed some candy too, wait for it......and they don't like this kind anyway, so I can take it for them! It started out so sweet! They are sweet boys!

Parker went as Captain Rex from The Clone Wars. Tyler went as a jester.

September 16, 2009

Bunk beds no more

Parker and Tyler decided that they didn't want to have bunk beds anymore. It was more Tyler's complaint then Parker's. Tyler was on the top bunk and didn't like it up there. So, we brought his bed down and they don't have any room left at all! All of their stuff is now sitting out in the hallway where it awaits me finding them a new place to live. The twins got to pick out new bedding and they are enjoying a "new" room. I am excited that it will be easier to change the sheets now!

September 15, 2009


We have many nicknames for Rolo our dog. Most of them are ones like Beast, Destructo Dog, Fiesty One, and Troublesome Pup. One of my favorite ones is Gopher. Rolo likes to wedge himself in between the couch and the ottoman. The tighter the fit the better. When he hears a sound he will stick his head up and all you can see is a head and no body. He looks like a gopher, hence the nickname gopher. Now, when we have food on the couch, gopher likes to sit and observe. He is just so darn cute!

I'm ready for my close-up

We had fun doing some close-ups! Their personalities shine through. Beautiful boys!

September 12, 2009

School has started

School has started and I am sad! I miss my boys. It is too quiet around the house now! They bring the house to life and without them the energy is almost gone. (The puppy helps keep things interesting though!)

I keep saying this but I still can't believe it, summer is over and it went by too quickly! Parker and Tyler started school last Tuesday. Unbelievably, and I keep saying this too, they are in the 4th grade now! They were both excited and nervous. Tyler has Miss Richards and he thinks she is so cool. He thinks this because her hair is two different colors! (I like it too and wish I could pull that off.) His first day went well and and he found his teacher to be very nice. (That was his biggest concern.) Parker has Mrs. Conrad. He felt a little less nervous because he already knew her. She was Anthony's 4th grade teacher and he also sees her at church.

Anthony didn't start until Wednesday so we took advantage of some time with him and went to lunch at his favorite restaurant, Macaroni Grill. It is nice to have one on one time with my boys. Anthony's first day went well. Not great, not horrible! I'll take that from my 7th grader.

So, we are off. We will see what this year brings us. I'm proud of my boys and I miss them greatly!

September 9, 2009

End of Summer tradition

Two weeks before school starts we begin to get the boys' sleep schedule back to school friendly hours. They start to go to bed early and get woken up early. (No more sleeping in until 1pm) Before that starts though, we have a tradition. The boys and I stay up "all night" and we make a movie. It is always fun and there is a lot of laughter. I do the filming and the boys play all the parts.

This year's theme was The Pink Panther. It was fun to watch the boys brainstorm ideas and come up with one script. My favorite part of this tradition is listening to them laugh. There is plenty of that at 2am! We make the movie on the video camera and then watch it. After that, we all get on the couch with our pillow and blankets and pop a professional movie in. We all fall asleep on the couch together. It is a perfect way to end the summer!

September 4, 2009


A few weeks ago we took communion at church. Most of the time we have had communion set up on the sides of the room so people can get up and take it as a family or as a group. It personally means more to me this way because it is an active act of remembrance and not just something that gets passed to you in your row. I enjoy getting to take it with my boys.

We did it different this week though. This time we served it. Brian and I stood on one side and Brian E. and his wife, Robin, stood on the other side. One of us held the basket full of bread and the other held a cup of grape juice to dip the bread in. When the bread was taken we said "this is Christ's body, broken for you." As they took the cup, we said, "this is Jesus' blood, given for you."

As the first person came up I started to become overcome with emotions. As I said my part - "this is Christ's body, broken for you" I could barely get it out and was holding back tears. I have been taking communion for many many years and I don't think I have ever grasped the enormity of it. It has been a self centered act before. I don't mean that in a negative way, just that it was something between me and God. As I told each person that Christ broke himself for them, I think I got to feel a part of the love God has for each of his people. I felt so blessed and honored to be a part of it. I fought back tears the entire time. (Although, at first I spoke it so softly that the first few people didn't hear me and looked at me with great confusion!) Christ died for you. What powerful words!

August 18, 2009


We have found a new way to be lazy. Now, when our phone rings, the caller id shows up on the TV. We don't have to get up to screen our calls! It even gives you the option of pausing the program you are watching. Woo! Hoo! for couch potatoes!

What to say!

Parker and Anthony have been wanting a specific X-box 360 game. We don't have the money to buy it, so I surprised them and rented it. Parker had some problems with his attitude and as a result, lost the privilege of playing the rented game yesterday and today. Last night he came to me and asked me to "please give me mercy." I wasn't expecting that one! What do I say to that?!!! I was floored!

So, I had a decision to make. Do I keep the punishment to make a point about consequences or do I show him mercy and give him what he does not deserve? What is the right decision for Parker? Which one will have the most impact on him? Where is the answer key?

Brian and I decided to grant mercy. I used the opportunity to talk about God's mercy and how we are still responsible for our actions. I pray it was the right way to go!

August 17, 2009


how is the dog not bald? There is so much dog hair everywhere!!!!!!!!

August 16, 2009

The rest of Vacation

We just hung out and relaxed the last few days of our vacation. My Dad kept making delicious meals and I kept eating them. Any weight that I had lost at camp has now been regained!

Monday and Tuesday we took the boys to the Boardwalk. They rode rides and played games. On Tuesday afternoon, Brian, Anthony, and my Dad went golfing. Wednesday the boys played down at the creek that is at the back of my Dad's property. Wednesday night we went to dinner with my friend I have know since kindergarten. It was great to catch up with her and her family.

Thursday came and it was time to make the 12 hour car trip home. None of us were looking forward to it. It was sad to leave vacation but we were excited to come home and see our puppy dog. The boys were X-box 360 deprived for two weeks so they were all over that! We arrived home safe and sound and now the chore of unpacking and laundry begin!

August 15, 2009

Santa Cruz Saturday

We said goodbye to my in-laws and drove the 10 min drive to my dad's house. He bought a really run down house a few years ago and has painstakingly remodeled it. It looks like it came off the pages of Pottery Barn! He did a great job.

I spent the day with him in the kitchen, learning to make my favorite childhood meals. Dad made spaghetti sauce (it has to simmer for a long time), but the main event was the pork and knaddles, with sauerkraut. YUM! This is a family recipe that was brought over from Austria with my great-great grandma. For those who are not Austrian, a knaddle is a combination of mashed and grated potato, made into balls and then boiled. Naturally, my boys didn't eat it, but I was so thrilled to have them again!

We spent the rest of the night catching up and talking. That is the best part when my family gets together. We were all still exhausted from camp, so we went to bed early.

August 14, 2009

Camp Saturday

This morning was our last at Mt. Hermon. We woke early for our last breakfast. After that, Brian and I packed up while the kids played for the last time in the forest by our room. We said goodbye to Uncle Brad and Grandma and Grandpa and headed over to my Dad's house in Santa Cruz. Tonight he is making Pork and Knaddles, my favorite. It is an old family recipe that was brought over from Austria. It is delicious! I can't wait!!!!

(3 generations of Burmans)

Camp Friday

(This posting is a wee late! As camp wore on, the more tired I got! I went to bed instead!)

Friday was another beautiful day in peaceful Mt. Hermon. This is our last full day at camp. We started the morning with a special breakfast at Pancake Ridge. You hike up the mountain for about a mile. Let me tell you, it is a HIKE! We had pancakes (as the name describes) and then they had a pancake flipping contest. Tyler came in 2nd!

During our free time we went creek walking. Brian and my brother-in-law (although I consider him my brother) are veterans of Mt. Hermon, so they knew where to take us. It was so pretty and quiet down in the creek. It felt like we were the only people there. They had leaf and flip flop races downstream. There were a lot of places we had to climb over fallen trees. It took a lot of energy out of the boys! (The picture on the bottom is of a rock that the boys thought looked like a Manta Ray. So, Tyler wanted me to take a picture of him running away from it!)

We had dinner as usual and then went to the amphitheater like fire pit. A lot of people shared what the Mt. Hermon experience meant to them. Later we took communion. One of the staff is Jewish and he shared with us what it would have sounded like when Jesus spoke at the Last Supper. That was moving for me. The speakers then served us communion.
After that the kids put on a show for us, showing what they had learned that week. Afterwards, there was cotton candy, snow cones, and popcorn to eat. Perfect for getting the kids to bed!