February 28, 2009

Shoes are yummy!

After we made sure we had all our Christmas expenses taken care of, I found out that I had some money left over to spend. What else would I possibly buy but shoes? Nothing! Me love shoes! My first pair of purple ones. I am very excited!

February 21, 2009

Sound Sleeper

Once Rolo goes to sleep he is gone. If one of us leaves the room he will stick his head up to see who is getting up. Brian thinks that Rolo does that because he doesn't want to be left alone. I think he wants to send us a message about the consequences of waking him up by giving us the evil eye. We are to "expect him, when we least expect him." (Where is that line from, anyone??) Anyway, that is really the only time he wakes up, so Anthony and I were having fun wrapping him up in blankets one night. The best part was that he never even opened his eyes! Next time, we will try putting his paw in a bowl of warm water!

Come back guys!

Rolo waits patiently for his boys to return home to him after school. He is then usually restless until Brian comes home. Rolo will relax once everyone has been accounted for. His job is done.

Nothing to worry about...

it is perfectly normal for a boy to have a drink when he is thirsty. It is just unusual when that drink is pickle juice right out of the pickle jar!