April 29, 2009

Time with my Family

Brian went down to L.A. last week for some time with the guys from GHC (our church planting partner) and to attend a conference. I don't do well when he is gone. I'm not ashamed, I'll admit it - I'm afraid of the night. When he is gone I leave the lights and the television on. Also, my fear of flying isn't just for me. I am nauseous and anxious until I get that phone call from Brian telling me he is safe on the ground.

So, I was so excited when my Dad and my Sister decided to come visit me the week Brian was gone. My Dad flew up from California and Melanie drove down from Seattle with her three kids. The boys loved hanging out with their cousins and Auntie M. It is always so much fun when we are all together. We stay up late talking about anything and everything.

After my sister left (sadness) my Dad and I took the boys to the Evergreen Air and Space Museum. My Dad wanted to see the Spruce Goose. It was impressive! We took in an Imax movie about the history of flight. It was about the Blue Angels. We could of all used some Dramamine before seeing it. A lot of the video was from the cockpit or bottom of the plane and there was a lot of spinning. A LOT! We all thought the most unbelievable part was watching one of the pilots spinning and he just sat there chewing his gum like he was out for a Sunday drive. So cool.

Friday came and my Dad left (more sadness) and Brian came home (happiness).

Sneak Reading

I love to read! My perfect day is curled up on the couch with a fire, my tea, and a good book. I get great joy being swept off to a different place and time. I was hoping to pass on to my kids the love of reading. I had no idea how to do it so I just surrounded them with books and read in front of them and to them as much as I could.

It seems to have rubbed off on them a little. The boys read for school but they also read just for fun. One of my favorite things we do in the summer is sitting out on the back deck reading. I started going out by myself and then Brian started coming out with me. Anthony was next and then the twins followed. I treasure that time!

So, a few weeks ago I stumbled upon an unique problem. The boys read for 30 min. before they go to bed. When I went up to tuck them in Parker asked if he could finish the chapter. I said yes and noted that he was already halfway done with a book I had just gotten him. The next morning I noticed that he was almost done with the book. How could that be? I asked him about it and all three boys started acting weird. It took some coaxing but I found out that after we tuck them in and go downstairs they keep reading. Not just Parker, all of them! The twins have a string of lights on their bed so they are able to read even after I turn off the light. Anthony has a flashlight stashed next to his bed! How can I get mad? They're reading! This is what I wanted for them. They said the books they were reading were too good to put down. I've been there and stayed up all night doing that. We dubbed it "sneak reading" and have banned it on school nights. At least they let me think it has been banned.

Those crazy kids!