May 27, 2009

It's their party and I'll cry if I want to!

Tuesday, May 26th. My babies turned 9! I know this is said by everyone, but... it seems like just yesterday they were born!
I went on an European vacation with my mom and sister in September 1999. Things went horribly wrong. My sister and I refer to it as "the trip we don't talk about!" Anyhow, we came home early and I got pregnant! From the start, it didn't feel right. Something was off and I couldn't find the words to describe it. One night I got this overwhelming feeling that I was having twins. It was crazy. Twins don't run in my family. I told Brian about my feeling and he thought it was crazy too.
My doctor wanted to do an ultrasound to date the pregnancy so at 8 weeks I went in. Since you wouldn't be able to see much we thought it would be better for Brian to stay home with Anthony, who was only 2. My twin feeling never went away. On my way out to the ultrasound I told Brian that if we were having twins I would bring home matching baby outfits. It was our big joke!
The ultrasound was going well. There wasn't anything wrong and the pregnancy was dated at 8 weeks. The tech then started asking me about how many children I had at home. I told her I had one and she said that I would now have three. I told her again that I only had one at home and again she came back with three at home. I could not believe how stupid the tech was being. Sensing my frustration, she turned the screen towards me and pointed, saying #2 and #3. It was one thing to think about having twins and a complete other to see baby a and baby b on that screen. She continued the ultrasound, asking me every few minutes if I was doing OK. I was in complete shock!
On my way home I stopped at the mall and bought matching baby outfits. I walked in the house and Brian was sitting at the top of the stairs watching Anthony play in his room. I walked up to him and handed the outfits to him. He asked if the hospital gave them to me. I said no and let that slowly sink in. He was still confused, so I brought out the ultrasound picture. 1 baby, 2 babies! We sat on that top step for a long time!
Here we are nine years later and I still look at them with wonder. I love to watch them sleep and wonder how God created these two. Quick bit of science info, fraternal twins (2 eggs, 2 sperm) are the type of twin that is hereditary. Identical twins (1 egg, 1 sperm), like my boys, are a mystery to the science community. They don't know why an egg splits. But I know. God wanted it that way! What a blessing!!
Happy Birthday my loves!
(this is as far back as my digital photography goes!)