June 28, 2009

If only I knew....

There are days when I get frustrated with Brian and with the boys. I found this book by Lance Wubbels that have a bunch of "If only I knew" sayings. There are a few that I read when I get frustrated. It helps put perspective on the fight or frustration. Here they are.

"If only I knew...my choices, however small and seemingly insignificant, were taking me away from you, I would turn around and run to you."

"If only I knew...this was our final kiss, I would use it to tell you that you are the love of my life."

"If only I knew...I had the chance to pray with you one more time, I would take your hands and welcome God's presence to surround us."

"If only I knew... I could never tuck you into bed again, I would cuddle you tight, refuse to rush, and enjoy the wonder of being with you."

I don't think you should constantly dwell on "this is the last time I will see you." But sometimes for me it is helpful to put a stupid fight into perspective.

June 27, 2009


It has been a couple years since our last family picture. Since we were all on vacation together we thought it would be the perfect time. These are the most important people in my life.

June 26, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

We just got back from a really fun vacation. We went to Great Wolf Lodge up in Washington. My Dad flew up from California and my Sister's family drove down from Lake Stevens, Washington to make it a big family vacation. My sister has 3 kids like us. Her oldest, Charlotte, is 9. (The same age as the twins) Madison is 5 and Connor will be 3 in a few weeks.

First of all, the place is incredible. The lobby is massive and the kids were in awe of its largeness. The back wall is floor to ceiling glass overlooking the water park. They couldn't wait to get started!
We headed off to our rooms to get suits on and get started. Everyone got a wrist band that had to be worn at all times. The smart and helpful thing they did for the adults was that your key to your room was in that wrist band. There was no wondering where to keep the key while you swam.

We walk into the water park and are hit with the 84 degree heat they keep it at. It is an incentive to get into the water, let me tell you! It took a few minutes for the kids to take in everything and decide where they were going to first. They had a huge wave pool, a playground with shooting water everywhere. On the top of this playground was a bucket that would fill with 1000 gallons of water and then dump it on the people below it. Anthony did that one first! They also had a small pool for the littlest ones. There were also several different kinds of waterslides. There was something there for everyone.

The best part was being there together. I treasure those times. They are my favorite people to be with. The trip was physically exhausting and worth every moment of it!
I miss you guys! Thanks Dad!

June 15, 2009

Father Time takes a knee!

I am sitting outside watching my boys put on a trampoline show. We just finished barbecuing hamburgers and the boys decided to entertain us. They are reenacting commercials and TV shows. They have a "go meat" show, a "so you think you can dance" show, an "America's Next Top Model" show, and a "Wipeout" show. There are also some weird commercials that you will only see in Portland. The dog is next to me eating the tall grass because he thinks he is a Billy Goat. I love Summer!

June 8, 2009

What a Bully!

Anthony had to do a paper on bullying for his reading class. He enlisted Parker and Tyler's help with some pictures. Parker took a little too much pleasure in bullying his brother!

June 6, 2009


June 3rd was our 14th wedding anniversary, as I blogged earlier. One of the gifts I gave Brian was a book called, "The Book of Us." It has 150 questions that you answers to make the story of your romance and relationship. One of the questions was "I appreciated this about the way you parented our children." One day Brian and I were talking about what would happen if there was a fire and we couldn't get Anthony out of his room. (I have no idea how this topic came about!) Brian said he would go through the fire so Anthony wouldn't die alone. (If he got in he probably could have gotten out, but that wasn't the point of the scenario.) I could tell by the way he spoke how deep his love runs for his sons. I also knew exactly how he felt. It breaks my heart to think that one of my boys would die alone.

During my quiet time God laid this thought on my heart. If it breaks my heart to have one of my sons dying alone, how excruciating it must have been for God to let his Son die alone. I have thought at times that since God knew that Jesus would rise again in three days that knowledge would have made it easier. I was wrong. God forsake Jesus. He had to let his Son die alone. It had to break his heart and he did it for me. He did it for my sons. He did it for you. What a powerful thing.

June 4, 2009

More on the Twins!

In one of my previous posts, we were celebrating the twins birthday and I blogged about how we came to know there were 2 babies and not just 1. I get a lot of people asking me what it was like and how miserable was it. So, here are some of my memories!

Morning sickness seemed to double. Exhaustion was doubled. I would get up to take a shower and then go back to bed because I was exhausted. Luckily, Anthony, who was 18 months, was a very easy going child and was content to watch Blue's Clues on my bed while I rested up to get dressed. Morning sickness passed after the 3rd month mark. Being tired never really went away.
My favorite part of being pregnant was that I could eat and eat! As months 4 and 5 came around, it was getting harder to do that. There is only so much room for the stomach when 2 babies take up residence in there. My doctors became concerned and told me I had to start putting on weight. I did a lot of research and learned that God created the woman's body to supply the baby with the nutrients first. In my case, the twins were getting all the nutrients and leaving me with very little. I came up with a meal plan with specific foods to meet specific needs with enough nutrients for the three of us. It was a pain but it was working. I was getting rounder by the day!

At 6 months we went out to lunch after church one day and we were waiting to be seated. A lady came up to me and said, "Any day now!" Nope, I still have a long way to go!

The larger I got, the harder it was to stand, sit, or lie down for any long periods of time. I would alternate sitting on a chair and standing while I made dinner. (Brian volunteered to cook but it had to be made a certain way or smell a certain way or it would make me sick. He's a good guy!) Sleeping through the night was a thing of the past. I consumed over 400 Tums for heartburn. I didn't fit into maternity clothes anymore so I wore men's XL sweat pants which were far too long for me. I am only 5'2" so it was comical in a sad way. I didn't get my hair cut because I couldn't sit in the chair long enough or stay awake long enough. I eventually had to stop driving because my stomach was so large I had to have the seat back so far my short little legs couldn't reach the pedals! At 39 weeks (out of 40) I had a c-section on May 26. Parker was first and he weighed 6lbs. 1oz. and was 19" long. Tyler was 2 minutes later and weighed 6lbs. 2oz. and was 19" long. They were so beautiful! Tyler came out with this big bruise on his chin from Parker kicking. Their fighting started in the womb!

Another drama unfolded after their birth. I was taken to the ICU and came close to death. But, that is a story for another blog!

Their birth was such a miracle and blessing. How is it that we can fall in love with our children in just a moment?

Here are some pictures of us. The first one is of me in the hospital the day I delivered. The next one is Brian holding Parker and Tyler at the hospital. Don't we just look the picture of freshness!

June 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary Love!

Today is our 14th wedding anniversary! You are the one. You are the one whose hand has always slipped into mine when words just weren't enough. You are the one who has been by my side whenever skies looked dark. You are the one who knows me deep down, who has cried with me and laughed with me and shared things with me that no one else would understand. You are the one who loves me, the only one who could ever be the other half of my soul.

Happy Anniversary my Love!