March 28, 2010

The money was worth it

I went to work for an hour this week and came home to this sitting on the counter. It was from Tyler. I guess it was worth the money!

March 21, 2010

Spring Break!!

I am really looking forward to Spring Break this week. I love having my boys at home! I also really love sleeping in and not packing lunches. We don't have any set plans. We are just going to relax and spend time together.

Earlier, I had asked Parker what he wanted to do over Spring Break. He said he wanted to go to Italy. He thinks big, I respect that! I explained how there was no way we had enough money to make such a trip. I grabbed my computer and we looked up airfares. $700 one way, for one person. That would cost us $7000 just for airfare. Sorry, Parker. So he came back with, "why don't just the two of us go."

Secretly, I was happy that he picked me to go with!

Brian countered with the "mom won't get on the plane" strategy. Well played!

So Parker said we could sit in the back of the aircraft because he feels that is the safest place on the plane. Oh, and I could also get some Italian shoes if I flew there. That is not playing fair, Parker!

Now that the "getting mom to voluntarily walk onto a plane" issue had been resolved, we turned to cost. We came up with an amount that we would save up for. When we reach it, Parker and I are off to Italy!

That night, he journaled about the things we would do while there. He also drew some illustrations. That boy makes my heart happy! I can't wait to go to Italy with you, Parker!

March 13, 2010

A day off

Friday was the end of the 2 trimester for the boys. This means they have Monday off for a teacher workday. I asked Anthony what he was planning on doing Monday. He thought for a second and then said, "I think I will beat up Parker. No, wait. Parker fights back. I'll beat up Tyler. He just screams!" At least he knows his brothers!

Of course, he was joking. They have all signed a code of conduct contract that prohibits hitting of any kind. Penalty is a monetary fine and going to bed early. It has worked well so far. Knock on wood. :) I have to say though, Parker has come up with some pretty clever ways to not hit his brothers. That boy cracks me up!

March 11, 2010


Sunday night was haircut night. I cut the twins' hair but not Anthony's. It takes a professional to get that "hair in your eyes" look. I started with Parker. He likes to wear his hair longer than Tyler's. This time he wanted to go bald. He then thought that perhaps a mohawk would be cool. We tried it and he decided he didn't like it, so we shaved it really short.

It was Tyler's turn. He wanted the mohawk. Of all my children, I would have thought Tyler would be the last of the boys to try it. He really liked it! He was a little anxious to go to school and hear what people would say. His classmates thought it was cool, so he was happy. Parker went to school that morning and one of his classmates said, "Tyler, what are you doing in our classroom?" With his hair short he does look a lot like Tyler!

So, my son has a mohawk! What a rebel!!

March 4, 2010

You're small!

Tyler got "height" profiled by the police yesterday! There was an officer standing in the drop off lane at school. He was watching the kids getting out of the cars. He came over to me and asked me the age of the young man sitting in the front seat. I am assuming he was making sure Tyler was old enough to be sitting in the front seat. He is. The officer then said, "oh, he is very small." Thanks for making him feel good about himself! It is bad enough they get teased about their height at school, church, the neighborhood, and various sporting teams, now the police have joined in!

I appreciate that the police want to keep our kids safe. That is really important and should be a priority. I am just sensitive about those kinds of comments. I am the one my boys come to when they are made fun of and it breaks my heart. It is really hard to be a small boy, especially if even the girls are bigger than you. I tell them God has a height picked out for them and He knows what He is doing even if we don't understand it.