June 29, 2010


So this is a little on the old news front but on the last day of school Parker's class did a "most likely to..." activity. Parker was chosen as the most likely to become an airline pilot! Only if he wants to worry his mother to death!

June 25, 2010

A Sad Day

The twins' computer got a virus and crashed about a year ago. They have been using my laptop to do all their research and writing. This morning, Parker was on my computer and it got a virus. It's toast! Bye, bye my computer. I mourn thee. I have no money to replace thee!

I now have to borrow Anthony's computer, so posts will be slow. Bummer!

June 23, 2010

Homeward Bound

We are all sad to leave today. We had such a good time. We headed home and couldn't wait to see Rolo again. He was excited! Well, back to our regular schedule. I am so thankful we got to have a relaxing time together as a family.


Our last full day of vacation. :( We slept in and ate a leisurely breakfast. Brian, Anthony, and my Dad went out to the putting golf course. Anthony got a hole in one! The twins and I sat out on the back deck while we read. I got sunburned, as usual. The sun and I don't get along!
We had lunch and played Brian's new 24 Clue game. Both Parker and Anthony figured it out -WRONG! Brian ended up winning.

We then went swimming and then BBQ'd some porkchops and then settled in for another movie.

Goodbye last day of vacation!

June 21, 2010


We woke up to a beautiful day in Sunriver! It was nice to see the sun again.

We had a very laid back day today. After breakfast we played some games. First up was Kids Battle Grown-ups. It was a tie. Neither the kids nor the grown-ups won. Then we tried a new game I got for this trip. It is called The Last Word. It was so much fun. There was a lot of laughter. There isn't a better sound then my kids' laughter.

Brian, Anthony, Tyler, and I went on a bike ride along the river. Very beautiful!
We had hamburgers for dinner and then rode our bikes to the store and picked up some ice cream. Then it was back to the house to watch Avatar. I love vacation!!!!

June 20, 2010


It was weird to sleep in on a Sunday morning! Really weird!!

Got up and made breakfast for the crew. I made Swedish pancakes and they were very yummy! Anthony broke his pancake eating record. It now stands at 24 pancakes!

The dads then opened their presents. Brian opened Anthony's worst kept secret gift. He got him the 24 Clue board game. It was all good until last night when Parker asked when we were going to play 24 Clue. Shhh! That was a secret. Doing the "dad" thing, he pretended not to hear.

Brian stayed back at the house to watch the NASCAR race while the rest of us went out on a bike ride. We got lost fairly early on in the ride. It rained on us and the map. We got lost some more but had fun doing it. We checked out the indoor pool and wave thing called a flowrider. You can bodyboard or surf on it. Anthony wanted to try it so we decided to come back later sans the bikes. On the way back there were deer standing on the bike path. Anthony stopped. Two deer came over to sniff him and he got to pet one of them! What a bizarre bike outing that was!

We changed into swimsuits and headed back to the pool. Anthony had a flowrider session from 5 to 6:30pm. There were only a few of them so he got to go a lot! He started just laying on the bodyboard, then on his knees, and then finally standing. He did great! He was completely exhausted at the end. He barely stayed awake during dinner.

We BBQ'd steaks and then watched The Blind Side. Good movie!

June 19, 2010


School is out and summer has begun. We left today for Sunriver, Oregon. Contrary to it's name, it is raining! Naturally! My Dad flew up yesterday from California to join us. Sadly, my sister and her family couldn't come. Sadness!

We are staying in a beautiful home and feel so blessed to have the opportunity of vacationing here. The boys love it and said they would like this to be our normal house!

It has been a long day of travel. Everyone is off to bed. What is it about driving for 5 hours that makes you so tired?

I am looking forward to celebrating Father's Day tomorrow. It has been so long since I have actually spent a Father's Day with my Dad. It will be fun! I am making Swedish pancakes for breakfast. Should be yummy!

June 18, 2010

A night of awesome!

For the first time this season I saw Anthony really enjoy playing baseball. He had a great game. The best of his career. He was batting lead off. He went 4 for 4. (4 times up to bat and got a hit each time.) He got to play catcher for 2 innings, his true love. The rest of the time he played 2nd. He turned a double play! Shortstop caught it, threw it to Anthony, got the runner out, then threw to 1st and they got that runner out too!

It was a night of awesomeness!! Anthony had a perma-grin on his face all night. It was so much fun to watch him having fun! Totally worth sitting out in the the cold weather!!

June 16, 2010


I was informed today that the math class Anthony took this year was actually a 9th grade class. See! I said I wasn't good with numbers!

Woo Hoo! Burrrrr!

It is the last day of school! June 16th! Summer! It is 53 degrees out!

June 15, 2010

A vampire's pet

Parker says the most random things in the car on the way to school.

Parker: Mom, do you know what a vampire's dream pet would be?

Me: A bat?

Parker: A leech. It would be a perfect companion.

3 hours 15 minutes

That is all we have left! 3 hours and 15 minutes, then school is out for summer!!

June 14, 2010


Anthony had his math final last week. He took 8th grade Algebra as a 7th grader this year. Test scores are back. 103%!!!! Congratulations Anthony! I am so glad you got your Dad's math skills and not mine. :)

30 + 15!!

Well what do you know?!

The sun came out this weekend. It was a delightful treat! I say "was" because it is overcast today. Anthony's baseball team got to play 4 games. Won 3, lost 1. It was a devastating loss for them. The ump ruled on a play he didn't even see that would have tied the game but instead ended it. It was the game for the Tournament championship, so they placed 2nd. That is a hard way to lose a game! We can use that as a good life lesson though, but still hard!

June 11, 2010

A wish

I wish I may,
I wish I might,
watch a baseball game tonight!

The Last Friday

Today is the last Friday the boys will be in school which means it is our last Friday date day. Brian has most of Friday off. (The man has 3 jobs. He doesn't get a full day off.) We started having Friday dates when the twins started 1st grade. It was perfect. Time together, no paying a babysitter!

The boys are old enough to stay home by themselves now so we get to go out whenever we want. We love our Fridays though. We can stay home and watch a movie or catch up on our DVR shows. It isn't the same when the boys are in the house!

We are going to go see a movie today. Our last Friday date until September. How I will miss you Fridays!

June 10, 2010

I am so over asking the rain to go away!

It is still raining and it is messing with our baseball schedule. Another game was cancelled last night. So far, we have 6 games to make up and 2 more games in a tournament to finish. At this rate baseball will never end!

In Oregon we are used to playing in the rain. I have spent many a game huddled up with the twins under an umbrella, but the way it has been raining recently is more apocalyptic than annoying. The baseball fields are unplayable. Sometimes they are underwater. Sometimes they are just mud pits. We have another game scheduled for tonight. It is currently raining. We will see what happens!!

June 8, 2010

Beach = Love

March 4, 1994. I have a date tonight. I am very excited! He picks me up and we head over to Santa Cruz. We take a long walk on the beach and then have dinner at The Crow's Nest right on the beach. I think I will go out with him again.

April - October 1994. We go out to the 3rd Ave. beach as often as we can. Brian brings along his guitar most times. We spend hours talking and walking on the sand. Perfect!

October 29, 1994. We are dressed nicely. We are headed in the usual direction, the 3rd Ave. beach. Brian asks me to marry him. I say yes!

June 3, 1995. I wake up surrounded by boxes. My mattress is on the floor. My two best friends have spent the night at my house and we all wake up looking forward to the day ahead. We are getting ready for the day when Graham comes over. He completes phase 1 on my hair. My friend runs to the store for breakfast. Literally, she runs to the store. I can't eat though.

Before we leave the house I make sure I have everything packed in my suitcase for the next two weeks. We are going to Hawaii, to the beach. We leave and head over to a salon and I get my makeup done. We finish there and head over to the church.

Graham works his magic with phase 2 on my hair. My veil goes on. People keep shoving food in my direction but I am too excited to eat. It is finally time to put the dress on. It takes 3 people to help me get it on and buttoned in all the right places.

We are taking pictures before the ceremony. To make it special Brian and I have arranged to see each other for the first time in a private room. Just the two of us. These private words are filled with love and anticipation. He is so handsome!

We start taking pictures. It seems never ending. My back is killing me! The dress is so heavy. We are done. It is 2:00pm. It's time.

By the power vested in Ed, we are husband and wife. I can't wait for Brian to kiss me, his bride!

June 2, 2010. We have the kids taken care of for the next couple of days. We head over to our favorite spa in Portland. Brian needs to relax. He works so hard. Mission accomplished. We are relaxed. We get in the car and head towards a place we love and a place that is a constant for us. The beach. We stay at our favorite hotel. No kids allowed. The rest of the world melts away. It is just the two of us. Just me and the man I love and adore.

June 3, 2010. Our 15th wedding anniversary. I still can't wait for Brian to kiss me, his bride!

June 4, 2010. It is time to go home. First though, we take a walk on the beach, hand in hand.

June 7, 2010


Only 6 and a half days of school left! It is getting hard to keep the boys focused on school. It is light when they get up and still light at 8:30 when they go to bed. They want to be outside playing with their friends. With all the rain it is more like playing in garages with their friends but still, it is outside. Only 6 and a half more days!! Only 6 and a half more days!

June 6, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Day #543 of rain. OK, perhaps that is a tad exaggerated but it sure feels like it! I think we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country but there is a reason for that. And that reason is rain. But come on!! It's June!!!

June 5, 2010

It's Party Time

Parker and Tyler's birthday party was a blast! We had it at Safari Sam's from 7pm-11pm. For 2 of those hours we had the place all to ourselves. It is a nice little perk you get when both your parents work there. :)

We did a little of everything. They played on the jungle gym and ate pizza. After Sam's closed they played in the arcade. (Games on free play!) They jumped in the bounce houses and did boxing and joust. We used the gym to play a spirited game of dodgeball. It was the 10 year olds against "The Teenagers." (Anthony and his friend, Jack)

It was so fun to hang out with the boys and their friends and get another opportunity to celebrate the birth of two awesome young men.