July 29, 2010


We went ice skating yesterday and had a blast! Anthony went right onto the ice without a problem, but it was really weird to see him in jeans! He didn't look like Anthony. He was frustrated with the jeans because he felt confined by them. It was funny!

Parker was very cautious, very much like his personality. He clung to the side for some time. After awhile, I got him to hold my hand with one hand and the rail with the other. I asked him if he trusted me. He said yes. I asked him to let go of the rail and told him I wouldn't let him fall. He said, "I know. You gave birth to me. You won't let me fall." Bless his sweet heart! (And for the record, I didn't let him fall. My arms, however, are ready to fall off this morning!) He let go but wanted to stay close to the edge just in case he needed the rail. I finally got him to go to the middle of the rink where we could go faster. He said he was scared but it was really fun.

It reminded me of how we don't trust God sometimes. He asks us to let go of the rail but we want to stick close to it in case we need to take over. He wants to take us to the middle of the rink because He has something awesome for us out there but that means relinquishing all control. I love it when God uses my kids to remind me of His goodness!

Tyler did well. He started on the rail but didn't stay there for long. I held Parker up with my right arm and Tyler with my left. When Parker wanted a break, Tyler and I would skate around the middle. Tyler liked going fast. Anthony would take him out and they would race Parker and me. We had a great time!

July 28, 2010

How the body works

A conversation I had recently with Tyler. We have had a baby boom at Rock Harbor lately! (As I write this, we have a mom in labor!)

Tyler: God made it so moms can feed their babies, right? (referring to breast feeding)

Me: Yes.

Tyler: How do the babies get the milk out?

Me: (Laughing!) How do babies get milk out of a bottle?

Tyler: Oh.

I then got to watch, and enjoy, the look of horror on his face as he realized what that meant!

Tyler: And you fed us that way?

Me: Yes.

The level of horror on his face skyrocketed!

That was fun!

July 24, 2010

Baseball - State or Bust!!!

By now, you all know that Anthony plays baseball. At the end of the regular season we were in 3rd place in our district. The District Playoffs started and the team pulled it off and they became the West Hills District Champions! That meant a trip to the State Tournament.

State started on Thursday, July 22. The same day a very special boy was celebrating his 13th birthday! Anthony wasn't thrilled to be sharing the day with a tournament. He thought the day would be all about baseball and had the possibility of being frustrating and not a whole lot of fun. I made it my mission to make Anthony feel special during the time he wasn't playing baseball.

Thursday morning. I am praying that the day goes well and that win or lose, Anthony will have a smile on his face at the end of the day. Please, Lord!! We get up and go to Elmer's for breakfast. During the night, I had decorated his seat in the car for his birthday. A smile at the beginning of the day! By 10am we have packed up the car and are ready for the hour and a half drive out to Corvallis.

We arrive and it is hot. The fields aren't very good, there is very little shade, and they only have port-a-potties. This is going to be a long day!!! Our first game starts at 1:30pm. It is the bottom of the 7th. We are tied. Anthony is up. Draws a walk. Steals second. Steals third. The next guy bunts and Anthony runs in the winning run!!! He gets the game ball! WooHoo! I feel God's presence in this. In my heart it feels like God is saying, "he's my son too."

Since we won we have to play another game. This one doesn't start until 7pm. We head over to Jamba Juice to cool off and use a restroom that has indoor plumbing.

The next game starts. This is one of the problems the JBO system has. There are 3 levels of play. Federal, the best, American and then National. Anthony plays at the National level. The city gets to decide how many teams they want and at which level they will play. There are several cities that field only one team and play them at the lowest level. The team we are playing now is one of those teams. They had 100 boys try-out and they picked the top 12. They play well below their level so they can annihilate the other teams. It is really frustrating for all the other teams that play fair and by the rules. Right out of the gate it is obvious they are going to kill us, but our boys rally and hold them at 12. We have 0 though. Anthony is up for his first and only time. (3 up, 3 down. It was a fast game.) He gets a hit! Steals second. Steals third. In an uncharacteristic move, they overthrow third and Anthony pops up out of his slide and scores the one and only run. We lose the game but as the tournament is double elimination, we will still play Friday.

It is the end of the day and Anthony has all his gear packed up and is walking over towards me. He has a smile on his face! It is the end of the day, and he has a smile on his face. I get it, he's Your son too! Thank you!
Friday morning and we are off again. Our game starts at 1pm. It goes well for us. Anthony gets 2 hits, one being a double! He was on fire! We wait around for the next game that starts at 6pm. The boys are hot and tired. We are also plagued with injuries. At one point in the game the two other catchers can't catch so it is up to Anthony. He has been fighting an ankle injury and it was killing him, but he sucked it up and did what needed to be done. The boys ran out of gas and ended up losing the game. It was emotional but after the initial response, I think they are glad baseball is finally over. What a ride though!

West Hills District Champions!

The boys and I decorated shirts for the tournament!

Mom and Dad with the newly turned 13 year old.
The birthday boy!
Batting practice before the game.

The game ball!

Keeping busy with all the down time!

Anthony on 3rd, waiting to score the one and only run in the game for his team.

Playing umbrella olympics. They were long days!
Cowboy-ing up with a bad ankle!

Making sand grenades.

Getting their pins.

July 11, 2010

The Garage!

When we moved to Sherwood we had to downsize. I was super sad to leave our house in Newberg, but knew it would be the best thing for Rock Harbor if we lived in Sherwood. Our Newberg house had a big bonus room where we had a pool table and and air hockey table. When we moved to Sherwood we had no room for them so we decided to make our garage the bonus room. It has been 4 years and we still don't have that "bonus" room yet!

The garage is Brian's domain. I have wanted to organize and clean it out so often in the last 4 years but Brian didn't want me to throw all his stuff away. It is funny how he equates clean and organized with throwing all his stuff away! What does that say about his stuff?! Brian works so hard. He has 3 jobs and he coaches baseball. He is exhausted when he gets home. I knew that he wasn't going to be able to clean the garage himself so the boys and I decided to take that on.

I sat the boys down and laid down my expectations. They would give me two days. There was no playing with friends or playing X-Box, just working. In return, we would have a garage sale and they could split the profit between the three of them. They were fully on board!

We started on Tuesday. Anthony broke the driveway into 4 sections. A keep section, a garage sale section, a garbage section and a recycling section. We spent the next 12 hours taking everything out of the garage. It was a long, hot (95) day.

It was tough getting up on Wednesday. We were all sore! Brian carted off the garbage and recycling to the dump. We then organized and cleaned. By the end of the day there was nothing left in the driveway! It was incredible. The boys worked so hard. They were such a huge help and it could not have been done without them. They rocked it out!

We had a garage sale on Friday and Saturday. The boys got roughly $50 each. They were excited about that!

We have been playing air hockey and having a blast doing it. We have an appointment with the pool table man to put the table back together again! It was exhausting work, but worth it!

The start of a very large job!
Their battle cry!

Everything out in the driveway!

The garage sale!
Brian and Anthony playing air hockey.
The wall of oldness!