August 27, 2010

Beautiful Day

Today, we went to the beach at Lincoln City. We went out there because I did something very stupid. It doesn't happen often (!), but it did happen. We were goofing around with the dog and I put Anthony's sunglasses on Rolo's cute little snout. Normally, he puts his head down when you put something on his head, but yesterday he decided to take a bite out of the sunglasses. Not good! Anthony had bought those sunglasses, which were the most comfortable glasses ever made, by the way, at the outlets in Lincoln City. I owed Anthony a replacement pair and was hoping to go back to the store and get him the same ones. We decided to make a day of it, so after we got Anthony's replacement glasses, we headed to the sand and water.

It was a gorgeous day. The sun was out and the wind was calm, two things that rarely go together in Oregon! The boys started out building sandcastles, which of course, led to destroying them. We played football and lacrosse. We played in the ocean until our numb feet started to burn from the ice cold water. At low tide, the boys went out and dug moats around their buildings.

It was getting late and I had to pull them off the beach. I am glad they love the coast as much as I do! It was a rare, beautiful day that I thoroughly enjoyed spending with my boys. I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with them, and my hardworking husband makes that not only possible, but a priority. Thank you, Love!

Beautiful Lincoln City

Sandcastle building begins

Tyler's obsession with jumping!


They decided to get tans while playing football

My boys!

Their footprints

They wanted to leave their mark


Goodbye sun and sand!

August 24, 2010

Handsome Young Man

I love this picture of Anthony. It was taken by his youth pastor. The funny thing was he was
putting on his glasses to get out of the picture and was starting to walk away. That boy hates to have his picture taken!!!

August 14, 2010

Sunriver Vacation

We were very blessed with another trip to Sunriver this summer. One of Brian's friends has a home in Sunriver and it was available last week so we packed up and left.
We left on Saturday and the first thing Anthony did when we got there was go for a bike ride. There are miles and miles of bike paths in Sunriver and Anthony wanted to go on every one of them.
Sunday, Anthony took me, Brian and Tyler on his bike "route." It was a measly 9 miles! Tyler was not thrilled with the bike he had to ride. The home we were at is also a rental home so they had bikes in the garage. The only bike Tyler sized was a girl bike. It was pink and purple with "high fashion" written on it. It didn't help when we were on a ride and a girl we passed told her mom that that boy was on a girl bike. He survived though!
On Monday, Anthony took Brian and our friend, Erik, on a 12 mile bike ride. While they were gone, Tyler and I took the camera and biked around taking pictures of all the pretty scenery. He is the only one of my kids that likes to be in pictures. Anthony tries to avoid it at all costs and Parker makes an effort to not smile. We spent the afternoon at the pool and enjoyed a family bike ride after dinner.
Tuesday was much the same as Monday except the "men" of the group chose to ride the unpaved bike trail. They were a tad dusty and tired!
On Wednesday, Parker, Tyler, and I went horseback riding. It was the first time for the twins and they were nervous and excited about it. As I have spent a lot of time around horses, the twins kept asking me questions. They wanted to know if it hurt to fall off the horse or what to do if the horse bucked. It was sort of fun to be the "expert!" (Especially now, because I have a teenager and I am an expert on nothing!!) So, we were standing in line to get on our horses and the lady calls for one of the little girls in the back. I looked around and mine were the only little kids around. (This didn't help Tyler's high fashion complex!) I told one of them to go but neither one wanted to be first. I sent Tyler to be the first. She gets him on his horse, shows him how to "steer" and stop, then lines him up and tells him the horse's name. Meanwhile, a man asks the little girl in the back to come get on her horse. Once again, I look around and Parker is the only kid still standing. The man goes over the same stuff and then it is my turn. At least they didn't call me a boy! I go over by Parker and ask him what his horse's name was. He can't remember. I ask Tyler the same question and he didn't remember. This is when I knew they were super nervous!
The ride went well. There were a ton of mosquitoes out and we all got bit during the hour ride. It was slow going. I kept fighting the urge to click my heels and leave them all in the dust! The boys had a great time and wanted to do it again. It was a lot of fun to watch them experience something new!
On Thursday, Anthony and Brian went to the putting course. The twins and I stayed back and watched a movie. We then went to one of the outdoor pools we had never been to before. It was super crowded, but the water was very warm. (I was hoping one had nothing to do with the other!) After that, Anthony and Brian went back to the putting course where Anthony beat his father! After dinner, we went for our last bike ride and then watched a movie together.
Friday came and we were all sad that we had to go home. We got to the task of packing the car back up. On our way out we stopped by the Nature Center where they had live owls. Parker really likes owls, so that was a nice treat. We also got to see the sun through a special telescope. I thought it was really neat. The boys, however, were not impressed! Per Parker, "It is just an orange circle!" Sigh. If the sun doesn't impress them, then I don't know what will.
We got back in the car and buckled down for the 4 hour trip home.
While it was sad to have to leave vacation, we were excited to see Rolo again. I think he was excited to see us too. Although, I think he liked having the place to himself.
Vacation was such a blessing this summer. It was much needed and appreciated, and we left with many great memories.
Beautiful Sunriver! Bike riding while Anthony trys to avoid getting his picture taken.

Tyler and me on our picture taking adventure

Horseback riding

Working on the vacation puzzle

Parker and me watching a movie together.

Watching The Guardian. Anthony trying to stay out of the picture.

Parker stalking Anthony to get a picture of him.

Using Parker as a picture shield.

Puzzle done!

Creepy barn owl watching Parker.