March 28, 2011

Where was the Spring?

Today is the last day of Spring Break for my boys. Looking back over the last week makes me wonder where the Spring was in Spring Break. It has rained 26 of the last 27 days and we have yet to hit 60 degrees in all of 2011. Yes, I have chosen to live in Oregon so I have no one to blame but myself, but COME ON!

March 26, 2011

Spring Break - Friday

Today we went to Voodoo Donuts and OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). Voodoo is different than your normal donut shop. They have unusual donut combos. Anthony tried the maple-bacon bar, the Oreo cookie donut, and the Captain Crunch donut. Tyler also tried the maple-bacon bar and Parker had the Oreo cookie donut. Interesting! The Oreo cookie was the favorite. We then went to OMSI. They have an exhibit about ancient Egypt. The twins are really into Egypt so they were excited for that. We spent several hours there and then went to The Old Spaghetti Factory for a late lunch. That was a first for the boys and it was yummy! Spring break is coming to a close and I have enjoyed spending time with the boys. They make me laugh and they are growing up so fast. These days will be treasured memories.
The maple-bacon bar

The Oreo cookie donut

Parker didn't understand why they would paint the donut shop pink

Playing Connect Four with robotic arms

Building an arch

Doing brain teasers

Spring Break - Thursday

Today we went to Sky High. They have huge trampolines that the boys had a blast on. They have one "court" for just jumping but they also have a foam pit you can bounce into. Anthony enjoyed that the most. He eventually mastered 4 flips before hitting the foam.

It was a hit. We will be back!

March 24, 2011

Spring Break - Wednesday

Today we went to the A.C. Gilbert Discovery Village in Salem. When we got there Anthony said he remembered it being a lot bigger the last time he was there on a field trip. Tyler reminded him he was a 1st grader at the time. Everything looked bigger! There is a large play structure the boys enjoyed. There are also three houses that have different exhibits in each them. We had a good time.
We then went to Elmer's for lunch followed by shopping at the Nike outlet. The twins each got a new pair of shoes. Then we hit the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for yummy caramel apples.

It was a delightful day!
Anthony using Tyler as a picture shield
Anthony using Parker as a picture shield

Parker thought he had to go under these bars instead of on top of them

Tyler showing Parker how it is done

In the mock submarine

Making geometric bubbles

Anthony refuses to go to the Japanese gardens with me. This is his compromise!

Tyler's new shoes

Parker's new shoes

Spring Break - Tuesday

Today was movie day. The twins and I went and saw "Rango" in the morning. There should be some parental reward you get for taking your kids to see this movie. I didn't like it! At all! Parker thought it was ok. Tyler didn't like it either.

I took the twins home and picked up Anthony and Brian and we went and saw Battle Los Angeles. We all liked this one. It won't win an academy award or anything but it was entertaining. I am a sucker for military movies though.

We got home and had yummy steak for dinner. Mostly a good day!

Spring Break - Monday

Spring Break! WooHoo! We had a quiet start to the week. Anthony went snowboarding with another family so the twins and I kept close to home. In the morning, I went to The Painted Plate with the women from our small group. That was a lot of fun. In the afternoon, the twins worked on things for their stores. The kids in the neighborhood have made stores out of cardboard boxes. They sell comics and trading cards that they have made. They line up their stores on the sidewalk and wait for people to stop by. They are a very creative bunch. Next, the twins each made a board game. Parker made a Halo one and Tyler made a Star Wars one. We enjoyed spending the evening playing these new games. Later that night, I picked up a very sore Anthony.

Spring Break is off to a great start!

Tyler's Store - Cool Stuff 4 less
Parker working on some comics.
Parker working on his Halo game.

Tyler working on his Star Wars game.