May 26, 2011

Things Parker Says

At breakfast

"Hey, Tyler, I came up with something new for Dora the Explorer. Dora, Dora, Dora, the annoyer!"

May 24, 2011

My new dishwasher

Rolo has a tendency to take things off the counter. He takes anything, he isn't picky. I wasn't feeling great over the weekend so the dishes kinda backed up in the sink. We left for church on Sunday and came home to this..

At least he cleaned them for me! Thanks, Rolo. I mean, bad dog!

Things Tyler Says

We were in the car and Anthony and I were talking about something and I said "laughing like a hyena." From the back, Tyler says, "Mom, hyenas don't laugh...they kill." Noted.

May 19, 2011


Rolo can give people 5. He also gives 10. I captured him mid 10 and Anthony and I found it very funny. It feels good to laugh during a time of struggle.


Tonight we had our first s'mores of the season! Yummy! We had the traditional s'mores but we also had our family favorite. White chocolate with caramel sauce.

May 14, 2011


I am really struggling right now. I was asked to create something. It used my creative skills and I was happy with the finished product. I was told the person didn't like any of it and they would redo it themselves. But, I was told not to take it personally. How do you do that? How do you take something personal and not take it personally? To make matters worse, they didn't even tell me they didn't like it. They told my husband, which makes it all the more humiliating. I wasn't given any feedback or the opportunity to make changes to give that person what they wanted. I was dismissed via my husband and I'm not supposed to take that personally. I am really struggling with how to do that.

Alone, this might have been a minor thing but we are coming off of celebrating Mother's Day. My mother has chosen not to be in my life for the last 11 years. I have been raising 3 kids without help or advice from my mom. The first few years were really hard and I grieved the loss of a mom. For the most part, I don't even really think about it, but this Mother's Day it hit me hard. I felt very worthless. I know that my value and what I am worth comes from the Lord, but what little girl doesn't want to be loved by her mother. There is that saying that goes, "a face only a mother could love." Well, what happens when even a mother doesn't love you? It hurts and you take it personally.

I am feeling pretty worthless today and I am struggling with that. I know that I am worth a Son but the tears continue to flow.

One More!

The Fog

This was my first time shooting in the fog. I enjoyed the different lighting it provided.

May 8, 2011

Things Parker Says

We have chores for the boys. They get paid a set amount for each day they complete their chores. If they fail to do their chores they do not get paid for that day. The next day, a sibling may do that chore and collect the money the other sibling has lost. Parker is eager to collect money, so he is always first to jump on his brothers' missed chores.

Side note: Our dog, Rolo, has digestive issues.

Anthony missed one of his chores this week. Cleaning up after Rolo. Parker, eagerly, wanted to do this chore and collect Anthony's pay. Brian took him outside and showed him how to clean up the dog poop. It was a lovely day and we had the windows open. Soon I hear yelling coming loudly from the back yard. "This dog has problems!" "The dog has diarrhea!" "It's yellow!" "The horror!" "I'm going to throw up!" "What is wrong with this dog?" I am elbow deep in covering strawberries with chocolate so I yell, in between laughing, for someone to please go outside and stop Parker from yelling out the dog's digestive issues to the entire neighborhood!

One of the things I love about Parker is his ability to tell you what and how he is feeling and thinking. He is very authentic! He came in the house and said that Anthony should be paid more for that chore. He, in the past, has expressed outrage that Anthony gets paid more. Now he understands and appreciates Anthony's chores a little more! Awesome!!

Last Choir Concert

Thursday was Tyler's last choir concert of his elementary career! He has a sweet voice and it has been fun to watch him grow in confidence this year.