June 28, 2011


At the beginning of June, Brian and I flew down to Napa, California for a day of meetings with GHC (Growing Healthy Churches). We partnered with GHC when we planted Rock Harbor. It was nice to get together with church planters from around the country. It is reassuring to talk with others who are going through the same journey.

We flew down a day early to give me time to recover from the medication that is required to get me on an airplane! We also used this trip as a celebration of our 16th anniversary. We enjoyed exploring Napa and Brian was very patient as I stopped every few feet to take pictures.

Mt. Shasta from 40,000 feet!

Crater Lake

June 15, 2011

Things Parker Says

"Justin Bieber. Man or woman? Nobody knows but him... and probably his mom!"

June 12, 2011

What do you value?

One of the responsibilities of doing hospitality at Rock Harbor is the welcome/information table. We have info on upcoming events, calendars, pens, bibles, resources, and our guest gifts. I always place the guest gifts front and center. Over the last month or so, when I come back into the room I find that they have been pushed to the back, behind all the stuff for established members. When you walk into the "sanctuary" (aka the gym) it is the first thing you will see, after our greeters. I think you can tell what a person/church values by what they choose to show you first.

In our family we value God. We have chosen to place that value at our front door, in the form of a stone of remembrance. Several years ago, after we had BBQ for dinner, the coals did not go out completely. In fact, several of them fell out onto our wood deck (we did not know this at the time). The place we had our Weber was the same place the previous owners had had theirs. It was stained with oil and grease. (What in the world did they BBQ?!) In the morning, as I was making breakfast, I smelled burning wood. I found our deck smoldering. Part had burned away during the night. I immediately started crying because I knew God had protected us. With the amount of oil and grease on the wood it should have gone up in flames. It was right next to the wall of the twins' room. Our room was on the other side of the house so we wouldn't have known something was wrong until it was too late. When God did something amazing for the Israelites He instructed them to place a stone of remembrance at that place so when people saw the stone they would ask what it was about and then the Israelites could tell what God had done. That day, the boys and I found the largest rock we could and the boys painted it. I painted the words "God protects us" on it and placed it at our front door. It remains there today and when people ask I get to tell them what God has done.

When you walk into our house you can see another thing we value. Our kids. There are pictures of them everywhere. In fact, there isn't a room that doesn't have a picture of them. It is hard to miss!

We display what we value. At Rock Harbor we value people. We value our guests. When they walk into the gym I want them to see that we have placed them front and center. They are important to us. I don't want them pushed to the back as an afterthought.

What do you display? What do you show the world that you value?

June 11, 2011

Things Parker and Tyler Say

This morning Brian took away a computer game from Parker because of a bad attitude. Parker wasn't very happy about it because it is his favorite. Just now he had a good interaction with Anthony and I was complementing him on it and I told him I was proud of him. This was our conversation.

Parker - "Proud enough to let me play the computer game?"
Me - "That is between you and your father."
Parker - "Well, don't moms overrule dads?"
Me - (laughing) "No"
Parker - "Why not?"
Tyler - "Moms should overrule dads because they are in charge of the children."
Parker - "Yeah, moms made the kids so they should get the final say."

So much

There has been so much that has gone on since I last blogged. The twins turned 11. Brian and I celebrated our 16th anniversary. We took a trip to Napa and I didn't die on the plane. Lots to catch up on and be thankful for!

June 2, 2011

The elevens have it

Parker and Tyler turned 11 on the 26th of May. Parker was bummed he had to go to school. It is fun to see them think you should be able to do whatever you want on your birthday! Real life comes soon enough.

Both of them decided that they would wait until they got home from school to open their presents. I found that unusual so they explained that they would be so excited to play with their gifts that school would go by very slowly and it would be torture. When they got home they opened and started playing with their new Legos. We then took them to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and then to Toys R' Us for new bikes from the grandparents. They had a pretty good day.

We had their birthday party on that Sunday night. It was an adventure, to say the least. This year they decided to have their parties together. We had 10 boys over for a sleepover. We also took them to see Kung Fu Panda 2. That is where the adventure started! One of the boys somehow forgot that he had a large Fruit Punch drink in the cup holder and lifted the arm of the chair and spilled the drink on the people behind us. The large drink then slowly made its way all the way down to the bottom of the theater. We had to go row by row and let them know a river of punch was coming their way. Of course, the movie had started by then so the theater couldn't really do anything to clean it up without disrupting the entire theater. Good times! :)

Before the party started I ran down the schedule for the boys so they knew what to expect. I told them I had some games on hand in case we needed them. Parker was up in arms about this. He wanted to know what games. I informed him we would play the party classic Fruit Basket Upset. He moaned and complained that it would be horrible and he didn't want to ruin his party with such a horrible game. I asked if he had ever played it. He said no. I asked how he knew it would be horrible then if he had never played it. He said, "Mom, the word Upset is in the name. If it was a good game it would be Fruit Basket Happy!" I told him to just trust me. He said I would ruin his party. That's not trusting, Parker. We played Fruit Basket Upset for the better part of an hour and they had a blast. After the party, I asked how Parker liked the game. He said, "It was SO fun. Sorry I doubted you, mom." Awesome! Those are the moments I live for!

In addition to Fruit Basket Upset, we played the tried and true game of Spoons. Last, we played Hot Potato with a twist. When they got left holding the potato they had to come in the other room and put on a ridiculous piece of clothing. Living with all boys that really only left my stuff. A pink hat, a sweater dress, scarf...stuff like that. There was a lot of laughter during that game!

We had them get ready for bed at 10pm knowing it would take a long time for 10 of them to quiet down and go to sleep. 1am and they were finally out.

Things I learned that night. A large group of boys, in a small room, without open windows, can become rather smelly. It also confirmed that I love my boys and they have a pretty great group of friends.

I put together a look back at the twins over the years. 11 years have come and gone so quickly! Love you, Parker! Love you, Tyler!