September 24, 2011


Brian and I were on a walk yesterday and came across the most unusual duck.  I have never seen one with a stripe.  He looks like an Adidas shoe!

Silver Falls

This week I went out to Silver Falls State Park and tried to shoot some photos of waterfalls.  The water level was low so I will have to go back when it is higher.  I did have fun hiking around by myself.  I didn't feel guilty about stopping constantly to take pictures!  

Things Anthony Says

A conversation with Anthony.

Anthony says something sarcastic to his brother.
Me: Be nice!
Him: I was complementing him.
Me: When it is said sarcastically it is not a compliment.

Anthony then, jokingly, says something untrue.
Me: Don't lie!
Him: It was a sarcastic lie.
Me: Sarcastic or not, it is still a lie.
Him: If a compliment is not a compliment when said sarcastically, then why isn't a lie not a lie when said sarcastically?

This boy is all kinds of trouble!

First Day of School

Well, the first day of school was awhile ago and I am just now getting around to blogging about it!  As most of you know, Anthony started high school and the twins started middle school.  In Sherwood they do something that I think is helpful.  Incoming 6th graders and incoming 9th graders start a day earlier than the rest of the grades.  This gives them a day of "practice" before the masses converge on the school.

Anthony walks to the high school with friends.  I was told I could not come and take pictures.  I threatened to stalk him but he still said no.  However he did pause long enough so I could get this one picture.

He was in good spirits when he came home from school.  He said he likes high school because they treat them like adults compared to the middle school. 

The twins were nervous.  I was glad they had each other as the navigated new obstacles.  Lockers were a source of worry, however. 

We went to registration and they got their lockers then.  The 6th grade lockers are stacked three high.  I don't know who came up with that but it is insane.  Parker's locker was on the top and the top of his head didn't even  reach the bottom of his locker.  He would have to fight for one of 3 stools so he could be tall enough to even open it.  Tyler's locker was right under Parker's.  That was a fight just waiting to happen.  Lastly, Parker's locker number was 666.  Leave it to the pastor's kid to get that locker!  I went in the next day and got Parker's locker changed.  He now had a bottom locker!  The downside of this new locker was that Parker wouldn't get the opportunity to practice opening it before the first day of school. 

I remember the start of every school year and the mass amount of shopping that we did for new clothes and shoes.  Life is very different with boys!  When I told Parker and Tyler we were going school clothes shopping Parker says this to me; "I have shirts and I have pants, what else do I possibly need?"  It is so very different with boys!  I did manage to buy them some more jeans and new shoes.  This next picture illustrates the adversarial nature of the twins relationship.  You may have to live in Oregon to get it.  Ducks vs. Beavers. 

Another big change this year is the twins are riding the bus home.  When they got home they said their day went well.  They said it was weird to have so many different teachers.  Parker's new locker was occupied by another person but it eventually got straightened out.  He did a good job with that situation! 

So, another school year begins and I can't believe how fast they are growing up.  Love them so much!

September 5, 2011


The final two weeks of summer we have the kids go to bed earlier and get up early to help ease them into the upcoming school schedule.  This last week they have been getting up at 7am.  Last night, I told them since the next day was their last day of summer they could sleep in.  Anthony nixed that idea.  He said he was going to be preforming a "dry run" in the morning.

This morning he got up, showered, dressed, got breakfast and walked to the high school and made it before 8am, when school starts. 

I love how he wants to be prepared.  He is such a Petty!  He makes the family name proud!!

September 3, 2011

Things Tyler Says

Tyler hands me his soda.
"Mom, I think my soda will explode when I open it so... will you open it?"