October 13, 2012


Last weekend Tyler and I went on a date to the zoo.  It made my heart happy to see Tyler so excited about this zoo trip.  He had memorized the Oregon Zoo website. He rattled off what animals were where and which ones were moved to a new home.  He would tell me all these fun facts about each animal.  It was impressive and made it more fun.  Tyler also put together a game plan of where we would go and in what order. A son after my own heart!  I love spending time with my boys!

September 23, 2012

Are You trying to tell me something?

This summer our women did a Priscilla Shirer Bible study.  I have been to a lot of Bible studies throughout the years.  Many of them I have attended out of obligation.  My husband is a pastor on staff - it is an unspoken rule that I should be there.  Some studies, however, I thoroughly enjoyed going to.  There was a Beth Moore study on David that changed my life.  This summer was one of those kind of studies.  I think it was a combination of the study itself and the women involved.  We always had a good time with lots of sharing and even more laughing.  I found myself looking forward to Wednesday nights.

The title of one of the chapters was "Leashes break and Dogs bite."  It spoke to me.  I'm not entirely sure why, but it did.  Priscilla explained that every morning she would go on a bike ride and every morning she would pass a man walking his dogs.  One of the dogs was not friendly.  In fact, he would bark violently and strain at the leash trying to get to her.  The man would have to stop walking just to keep control of this dog.  At this point she would cross to the other side of the street.  This happened day after day and soon became normal and a part of their routine.  One day, as the dog was straining to get free, the leash broke and the dog ran after Priscilla.  He ended up biting her.  The moral of the story was how close to sin or temptation do we ride our bikes by?  How many times do we skirt by it until one day the leash snaps and we give in or fall into the trap?  Does riding by sin and temptation day after day become so routine that we let our guard down and then have a dog upon us before we even know it?  Do you want to be riding down that street or are you willing to pick a different route?

This weekend Tyler has been sick so I rented us The Lorax to watch.  There was a line in the movie that caught my attention.  The Lorax was asking the guy (I don't remember his name) where a tree falls.  The guy didn't know so The Lorax said "A tree falls where it leans.  Be careful where you lean."

It feels like God is trying to tell me something.  I want to listen and learn.  I am going to be spending this week in prayer evaluating where I ride my bike and where I lean.  You are welcome to join me!

September 22, 2012


If only I had an unlimited shoe budget!

Thought for the day...

What if you woke up today with only the things that you thanked God for yesterday?

September 21, 2012

Not me

This week has been a long, hard one.  I have had to have some hard conversations at work.  That is not me.  I hate confrontation.  Some of these people didn't like our business rules so they took their frustrations out on me.  It has been stressful and headache inducing.  I am so glad this week is over!

September 15, 2012


Today my Dad and another person we consider a part of our family went sightseeing on a beautiful Pacific Northwest Day.  The sun was out.  The vineyards were beautiful and the flowers amazing.  I feel so blessed to live in this gorgeous area!

September 12, 2012


If you read my previous post you know what an emotional morning Sunday was for our church but also for our family. Well that was nothing compared to Sunday night!

After our last service as Rock Harbor we had an all church, Crossridge Church, time out at Tilikum Camp. There was swimming, boating, hiking, eating, and fellowship. Later in the evening we had baptisms down in the lake. My twins were baptized!

Let me give you a little back story on how they came to accept Christ as their Savior. One day, a few years ago, Tyler was asking me what having Jesus in your heart meant. Tyler likes to know exactly what things mean and the term “Jesus in your heart” confused him. Even to this day he will stop you and ask you what a word means or what it means in the context in which you have used it. So, we talked about sin and the penalty for sin is death and how sin separates us from God forever. However, Jesus took our place and paid the penalty for our sin and if we accept that incredible gift, we acknowledge that we have sinned and we ask for forgiveness, and give our lives over to God then we will never be separated from Him. He gives us the Holy Spirit to be with us always. That is how He is “in our hearts.” Well, Tyler wanted this very much. So we talked about it in more specifics and what it meant for his life and I got the privilege of leading my son to Christ. As our conversation continued, Tyler asked if this meant he would be going to Heaven. Yes, Tyler, you will be in Heaven. You will never be apart from God again. He then asked if Anthony was going to Heaven. Yes, Tyler, Anthony gave his life to God just like you did. Then he asked if Parker was going to Heaven. I hesitated and said that Parker hadn’t given his life to God yet. This sparked something in Tyler because he got up, ran down the stairs, I heard him talking and the next thing I see is Parker’s head peaking into my room saying he wanted to be with God forever too.

We had a very similar discussion but I wanted to make sure this was something Parker really believed with his heart and not just wanting to do it because Tyler was.  He did and so I had the privilege of leading my last son to Christ.  What an honor and answer to prayer.

Fast forward to Sunday.  Tyler had made the choice to get baptized.  I was thrilled to hear it and looked forward to watching him declare his love for God and his commitment to live in a godly manner.  I asked the other boys if they would like to do it and expressed the importance of publicly declaring the Savior of your life but neither like being in front of people and the idea of so many people watching was intimidating to them.  However, Tyler and Parker were talking and by the time Parker reached Tilikum, Parker wanted to be baptized as well.  What is that saying about history repeating itself?!  :)

There were 4 young men getting baptized.  That was touching to me.  These boys are going to be leaders in their family, their jobs, maybe even their country, and they aren't afraid to tell the world that they serve God.  So exciting.  I took pictures during the baptisms so I was sitting rather close and got to view some wonderful moments.  Each of the boys' fathers baptized them.  It was very special!  Parker was first up for the twins.  Down and up he went and down went my tears.  My heart was so full of joy it had to come out somehow!  As he got out of the water he gave me a big hug.  I thought my heart would burst.  Then it was Tyler's turn and I was just as emotional.  He too gave me a big hug when he got out of the water.  Once they were done I let the tears flow freely.   It was a wonderful blessed day.  Thank you, Lord!


I love this picture of Brian and Tyler.  It just shows the personal moment they are sharing!

September 10, 2012

Change is a happening

Change is constant. Sometimes we like it. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we like it and dislike it at the same time.

Things are changing at Rock Harbor. Big things. Things that make you go hmm. (Yeah, that’s right, I just referenced C & C Music Factory, what?) Yesterday was Rock Harbor’s last Sunday. I told you it was big! Here is the 30 second run down. We have been in talks for a few years now with another Sherwood church, Sherwood Bible Fellowship about doing ministry together. It began with talk and tons of prayer about possibly using their building when their church wasn’t meeting, then to sharing the building with different service times. What has come to fruition from all the hours of talking and days upon days of prayer is to come together as one church. God has laid it on the hearts of both churches to come together to better serve and minister to the people of Sherwood and beyond! This is something that only God can do. A lot of time churches feel very possessive of their church and there is a spirit of competition among them. There is no doubt about it, we are in competition.  Just not with each other. We are fighting the enemy.  It is an honor to be partnering with another church who feels the fight is for the same thing.  (It is also an honor to know we are on the winning side of this battle!)

Since this other church has a permanent facility, we will be moving over to that location. That means no more Safari Sam’s! There were a lot of cons to being at a family fun center but there were also a lot of blessings. The management and staff there are really wonderful, godly people and they blessed us more than they will ever know. Their generosity, their big hearts, and prayers have helped make Rock Harbor what it is today. I will miss them! I also watched my kids grow up at Safari Sam’s. Most people don’t know what it means for a family to plant a church. There are no words to describe how difficult it is.  I have been in established churches and in church plants and there is no comparing the two. Church planting isn’t just the husband’s job. It is the entire family’s job. Those first few years, you don’t get a paycheck. You work your 40 hour a week job that pays the bills and then work your church job until you drop from exhaustion. That affects the family.  It affects the kids.  On Sunday mornings I would need to be at Safari Sam’s by 6:30am to get all my responsibilities done. Guess who has to come along? Try getting your 4th grader and two 1st graders up at 5:30am on a weekend. No, seriously, try it. It will be fun!!! To have Safari Sam’s for my kids to play at for hours before church on Sundays was an enormous blessing. I am forever grateful for that. I watched them go from not being able to reach the entrance to the black diamond to racing through it to break each other’s records. I watched them try to hold the golf club that was taller than them to making hole in ones. A lot of growing up happened at Safari Sam’s and I will always treasure that time.

The biggest and hardest change for me is the fact that we have a new name. It made sense that when we brought two churches together we should have a new name. The two have gone away and have now come together as one. I understand that concept but it is still hard for me. I liken it to when I got married. I couldn’t wait to marry Brian and start our new life together, not as two separate people living in separate places, but together as one. I looked forward to becoming Mrs. Janiesa Burman but there was a part of me that was sad that I wouldn’t be Janiesa Petty anymore. Changing my name didn’t change who I was or had been or who I was to become but I had spent 20 years as Janiesa Petty and felt some sadness at leaving it behind. So for six years my passion and my church has been Rock Harbor. I have walked down the aisle with Sherwood Bible Fellowship and God has blessed us and I am pleased to announce my passion and church is Crossridge Church.

There isn't a whole lot of other things changing.  Our core values of Truth, Authenticity, Community, and Hope remain the same.  Our vision and goals remain the same.  Brian will also remain the lead  of vision, direction and teaching.  We pray that together we will be better able to reach and minister to those around us. 

Crossridge Church will have it's Grand Opening October 7th.  If you are able to join us we would love to have you celebrate this amazing time and opportunity God has given us.  We are right off of Sunset, on Pine, right by the Sunset/Snyder Park.  Can't wait to see you there!

September 9, 2012

Triple Creek

After our hike up in the coastal range I was inspired to keep taking hikes in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Today we hiked up to Triple Falls in the Colombia River Gorge.  It was a lot of exercise but it was worth it.  There is something very peaceful about watching and listening to a waterfall.  Tyler was the only kid to come with us.  It was great to spend some one on one time with him.  He is such a wonderful and creative young man.
My new favorite picture of Tyler and me!