January 28, 2012

The Secret

I have found the secret behind our awesome military!  Cough drops!

Rebecca wrote to me and asked me to send cough drops.  Ok, I can do that.  I was at the post office mailing them off and the guy behind the counter looked at the address, then at me.  He said, "Cough drops?"
Seriously?  He was a Navy man and knew all about cough drops.

Who knew, cough drops were our secret weapon!

January 20, 2012

an expensive treat

Rolo discovered a new trick.  He can use his snout to open the pantry door.  This is a bad trick as the pantry is full of things that upset his sensitive stomach.  The pantry doors are of the cheap variety and when the boys are contemplating what they will consume next, they hang on them.  This causes the doors to not fully close, therefore leaving enough room for a hungry snout.

It was date night and Brian and I were out for the evening but the boys were home.  However, they were all upstairs playing their various gaming systems.  We walked in the door to find a dog who was obviously feeling guilty about something.  He notoriously takes things off the counter when we are gone.  We have resorted to giving him treats when he is left alone and doesn't take anything.  When we get home he is very excited to show you the kitchen and how he didn't remove anything from the countertops.  He usually prances into the kitchen very pleased with himself and looking forward to his reward.  There was no prancing that night.

I groaned, knowing I would find something.  I was in shock as I looked at the cupboard door wide open and a trail of food starting in the kitchen and winding its way into the living room.  I turned toward the dog and he looked at me and turned around and headed straight for the bathroom (the spot he has to go to when he is on a time-out for doing something naughty!).

I went back to the kitchen to survey the damage.  First up, a Costco sized, 6 pound bag of gummy bears.  Tyler had been bugging me for months to buy him gummy bears and I finally acquiesced and now the brand new bag was lying ripped open with about one quarter of the bears gone.  Beyond that was an empty bag of Pirate Booty, an empty bag of chips, some Power Bars that were out of the box but not yet eaten.  With his sensitive stomach I was sure there would be a vomiting spree.  I wasn't looking forward to that!

We went to bed and he was fine.  He woke me at 4am to go out to the bathroom but other than that he was completely himself.  We all got ready for the day and left for school and work.  It was a 9 hour work day for me and Brian had a schedule full of meetings.  He had no intention of stopping by the house on his way from meeting to meeting but he felt compelled to go home.  He walked in to find Rolo unable to walk and crying in pain.  He called me and I got an appointment for him with the vet.  My boss is a dog lover and told me to go home, I didn't even have to ask!  Bless her!

While I was on my way home the boys got home from school.  Wondering why Rolo didn't greet him at the door, Anthony found the sick puppy and dropped his backpack and went over to comfort Rolo.  He never left Rolo's side.  Since Rolo couldn't walk, we came up with a blanket contraption to haul him out to the car.  That really didn't work out well so Brian carried our 100 pound dog out to the car himself.  A very concerned Anthony went with me to the vet.  He kept a hand on Rolo the entire time and talked to him trying to bring him comfort.  Parker and Tyler were scared as well but knew they would be in the way so they opted to stay home.  I am glad for that as it is hard to see someone you love in pain and not be able to help them.

When we got to the vet they had some people come out and get him from the car.  He was sent back to get an xray.  They found a mass in his stomach.  The also found his back muscles were in spasm which was causing him too much pain to walk.  They gave him some pain meds for that and it helped.  We figured the mass was a giant ball of gummy bears so they induced vomiting.  Thankfully, they took care of that.  The doctor said it would take about an hour and that we should go home and they would call us when he was done.  While we hated to leave him, we were glad we didn't have to watch him be sick.  The doctor called and said he threw up a giant mass of gummy bears, just what we thought. They weren't digesting so it caused him a lot of pain.  She said that after he threw up he got a nasty case of explosive diarrhea.  Poor baby.  She suggested he stay overnight or we would be cleaning up a lot of messes as it was very frequent.  They could monitor him through the night and make sure he didn't get dehydrated.  I felt better knowing someone who knew what they were doing would be watching over him. 

I picked him up the next morning and he was back to his happy self.  He couldn't wait to get out of the vet's office.  He pulled me so hard on the way to the car that he almost pulled me into a wall.  He got out of the car with such force that I dropped his leash.  He made a bee line for the door and sat there and waited for me to open it for him.  He was very happy to be home and he went straight for the cupboard again.  What can I say, he's a Lab! 

January 10, 2012

Don't judge

I got a refresher course this week on a childhood lesson.  Don't judge! 

A few months back we had a cash customer at work who didn't have enough cash to cover his bill.  Being a fairly regular and good customer we told them they could pay the balance the next time they came in.  The balance remained unpaid for a few months and they didn't come in at all.  My thoughts drifted toward the negative.  "They must not want to pay their bill, etc..."

They came in a few weeks ago and finally paid the balance.  He was in again this week and was asking me how difficult it would be to change his company's name.  The company was in his wife's name and she had died 4 months ago.  I instantly felt convicted of my negative thoughts.  Here was a man, grieving the loss of his wife, and I had judged him. 

You just never know someone's story.  Thank you , Lord, for that reminder.

Things Tyler Says

"I don't want to clip my nails.  They are my only defensive weapon."

It's Hunger Games around the Burman house!