February 21, 2012

Phone home

I get a lot of strange phone calls at work but this one takes the cake. 

Him: This is ________ and your company has a free listing with us.  Will you please confirm your information.

Me: Sure

We get all of that kind of stuff out of the way.

Him: What is your name?

Me: Janiesa Burman

Him: Are you authorized to make decisions?

Me: Yes. (said with a suspicious tone.)

Him: We would like for you to try our upgraded service, free of charge.  I need your permission to charge your phone bill for $49.95.

Me: No thanks

Him: But it's free.

Me: You just said it was $49.95.

Him:  No, it is free and you can cancel anytime. I need your permission to accept the service.

Me: I don't want the service.

Him: You can cancel anytime.

Me:  I don't want to cancel,  I don't want it to begin with.

Him: This is a free listing. I need your permission to accept the service.

Me: I understand the concept of a free trial period but I don't want the trial period.  I don't want to have to call and cancel the service.  I don't want to even try the service.  I don't know how else to communicate that to you.

Him:  Ma'am (said with "you're a moron" tone)  This is a free listing .  I need your permission to accept the service.

Me:  I don't want the service.

Him: Ma'am (same tone) I need your permission to accept the service.

We go on in this manner for another 5 minutes.  At this point in the conversation, he is frustrated with me, I am frustrated with him, and my boss is laughing in the background because he was talking so loud she could hear him all the way in her office.  Then it dawns on me.

Me:  Can you say anything that is not on your script?

Him: (after a long pause) No.

Me: Great, please pass me on to someone who can speak freely.

He hung up on me!

Things Parker Says

"Skipping is for ladies."

February 19, 2012


After I took the picture with our wedding rings I sort of panicked about what was on the page of the book I used!  The book is "The Scarpetta Factor" by Patricia Cornwell.  I used this book because I have two copies of it so if it got ruined I would still have one whole book.  However, it really isn't a love book.  It is about a medical examiner solving murders.  So, I redid the picture.  I was hoping to use 1 Corinthians 13 but it didn't fall in the right spot.  I used my favorite book instead.  Psalm.

Another week, another round of homework

Choices, choices

So, I have been asked if I had made a decision on the shoes yet.  I have worked it so that they are my birthday present.  I don't have to send any back!!  WooHoo!

February 12, 2012

Things Parker says

Parker was telling me about how disturbing some of his classmates are. Here is their conversation.
Classmate: who do you like in this room?
Parker: I don't like anyone in this room.
Classmate: then you are gay.
Parker: I'm not gay.
Classmate: if you don't like any girls then you are gay.
Parker: (in his most sarcastic voice) I don't like anyone, I want to die alone!

It saddens me that kids are so eager to put others down, but it makes me happy that Parker can keep his sense of humor among ugliness.

February 9, 2012

Choices, choices

I made a critical error.  I went to Zappos.com.  I found 3 pairs of shoes I just had to have.  I can't afford all three but I couldn't choose.  Since the shipping is free both ways I ordered them all and will send back the ones I can't keep.  They arrived and I can't decide!  I love them all.  I want to provide a safe and loving home for them and not send them back to a cold, lonely warehouse.

In a strange turn of events, the girl I job share with had to call in sick today so I took over her shift for today and tomorrow.  This means I get 16 extra work hours this week.!  Maybe they can all stay with me after all!!

In any case, I need help deciding.  Any suggestions?


I was at Nordstrom the other day to restock my MAC eye shadow.  (Can't live without the color Shroom!)  The lady helping me took my credit card, looked at the name and asked if I pronounced my name - Ja-ness-a.  I said no, it is pronounced Ja-knee-sa.  She said her name was Ja-ness-a and people always say Ja-knee-sa.  I said people always call me Ja-ness-a.  We need to switch people!


I have come to learn that different computers display colors differently.  I don't know why I am just finding this out, but when I look at my blog from work, the pictures that look great on my monitor, are strangely colored.  That is unfortunate!
I am taking another photography class with my friend, Katy.  This one is all about the flash and how to light our subjects.  There is so much to learn.  I never realized that I could control my in camera flash.  I can tell it to tone down the light or increase it.  That is useful information to have!  I like having control over everything!!  The camera listens to me and doesn't talk back. 
These are the shots I did for this week's homework.  The goal was to practice with off camera flashes.  Since I don't have an off camera flash yet, I substituted it with a lamp.  I actually had a lot of fun setting up all these shots and playing with the light.  It is amazing how different a subject can look depending on where the light is placed and how many light sources you have, if you have any reflective or deflective surfaces, or diffusers, etc...  Photography can be an expensive hobby!