April 26, 2012

So my computer is cooperating for a few minutes so I thought I would share some of the pictures I took this weekend.  The sun was out and it was warm.  Pleasant memories.  I say memories because it is currently cold and rainy!  Gotta love Oregon!

April 16, 2012

We were on a break...

It was only supposed to be a break but my computer has made it a tad more permanent.  Sigh!  I now have a very large coaster.  Posting has been slow as it is hard for me to type fast on my iPhone.  My slowness makes Anthony sigh.  It makes me feel old!

April 1, 2012

The Hunger Games

We were struggling to find books that would interest Parker so one of his teachers suggested The Hunger Games.  He LOVED them.  He read all three books in one week.  Anthony read them and loved them too.  So when the movie came out it was a given that we would see it.  I always think books are better than their movie so I crammed the book in before we saw the movie.  All the reviews and the people I have talked to thought the movie was amazing.  I was not one of them however.  I think they did a nice job transitioning from book to movie and thought the casting and acting were great.  I hated the cinematography.  I was constantly yelling, in my head of course because we were in a theater, for the camera to stay still.  And perhaps to focus once in a blue moon.  Perhaps that is how the kids like their movies now a days.  I guess I am making myself sound old but I like to see what is happening.  I don't want to actually be in the action, just watch it!  But I digress as I am getting off topic for the reason of this post.

As I was talking with people about this movie the theme of the conversations were "aren't we glad this doesn't actually happen."  The more I think about it the more I think we do have a form of the hunger games.  It isn't celebrated or flaunted, but it is there, quiet, in the background.  We don't want to think about and probably most don't.

There hasn't been a reaping in a long time but we have had them.  In this country we call them drafts.  We call them up, we train them and then send them out to kill and be killed.  We don't send them to an arena, we call it a theater.

Before anyone thinks I am anti-military I want to clarify that I am an enormous supporter of our military men and women.  My grandfather was a Marine.  My other grandfather was a Navy pilot.  My daughter is a Marine.  Before it was necessary for me to return to work I volunteered my time at the Portland V.A. Hospital.  Military families are near and dear to my heart.  They are so selfless and giving.

The similarities of the book have just been striking to me.  A large majority of new recruits are teenagers.  They could be similar to the Careers.  They have all volunteered.  It is a noble and courageous thing to do.  (Not so much in the book, however) Right now my daughter is learning how to kill and stay alive.  She is in the Training Center.  We then send them out into the theater.  A lot of our men and women get deployed to war zones.  It is a kill or be killed situation.  They encounter ambushes, hidden explosives, and any number of unknowns. 

As I have read the second book in the series it strikes me that the past victors all have nightmares.  Some have turned to alcohol, to drugs, to anything that will make them forget.  They are haunted by the things they had to do to stay alive. Our military men and women come home and they too are haunted by what they have seen and had to do.  

As I have been reading these books I have been convicted to do what I can to help support those who have seen battle and have gotten a glimpse of hell.


One of these days I am going to get pictures in those picture frames on top of the blog page.  I have attempted it 3 times now and my computer fights me every step of the way.  For it's safety we are on a break.