May 16, 2012


These pictures are of a field I pass everyday on my to and from work.  Pretty!

May 5, 2012


We hear about God's grace frequently but grace to people by people are more rare.  I got to witness it from a most unexpected place.  The men who come to my place of work are truck drivers.  They are manly men.  One man came in and as we struck up a conversation he said he was hoping today (Tuesday) would be better than yesterday (Monday).  I asked what happened and he said he got up to go to work only to find his truck had been vandalized.  As he stood there staring at it two kids walked by and asked him if he wanted to know who had done it.  He, of course, said yes and stormed over to the perpetrator's house.  What he found was a 16 year old boy.  As he stood talking to this boy and his father he deduced that the father was probably not a legal citizen.  As he had every right to call the police he thought about what would happen to their family if he did.  As many of his co-workers are Mexican he knew of the struggles this family faced.  He chose to extend grace and walk away.

I write this with no political stands one way or the other.  Politics aren't the point.  This man had every right to turn the boy in but instead showed compassion and grace to someone who did not deserve it.  It was a humbling conversation and one that encouraged me.

The next day another man came in.  I was talking about church and he jumped all over that.  He told me his testimony.  He told me of his alcohol and drug use and how having Christ as his Savior turned his life around and how he no longer battles addiction.  As he left he took my hand and said I was his sister in Christ now.  What a great family to be in!

Thank you, Lord for an encouraging week!


The place I work at is different than any other place.  The view from the office is beautiful.  The beauty is at odds with what I know I am looking at. A landfill.  And the inhabitants make it seem like I am watching an episode of Wild Kingdom.  Coyotes, sheep, dogs, cats, ducks, eagles, geese, swans, and skunks.  As I walk into the office it is like walking into a different world and at times the desire to take pictures overtakes the work.  And the best part is the boss will come in and ask if I brought my camera and will drive us around the property to take pictures of whatever he has found.  Anyhow, here are some flowers that distracted me yesterday.