July 29, 2012

Anthony's Birthday

Anthony turned 15!  How did he get so old?  It seems like just a minute ago he was a baby!  He's taller than me and now he can drive my car!  We'll get to that later.

Unfortunately, Anthony's birthday fell on a Sunday this year.  It has been a bad year for celebrations.  I made sure I had someone covering hospitality at church so I could take him out to breakfast.  Breakfast items are his favorite.  In fact, Sam Axe says "breakfast meats are magic!" and Anthony wholeheartedly agrees!  We get to Elmer's and sit down and get asked what we would like to drink.  I say water and the waitress says she can't give me water.  I am momentarily confused thinking I have to purchase the water.  Fine, I'll buy the water.  Nope, that wasn't the problem.  They can't give us anything that needs water in it.  Coffee, tea, soda, etc.  Our choices are milk or Orange Juice.  She says something is wrong with their water and they can't give it to us as a precaution.  My first thought runs to how did they wash the dishes?  After we ordered we sat and listened to the conversations around us and what others thought the water problem was.  Some cities in the Portland area were on a water boil watch as e coli was found in one of the water reservoirs.  Again, what did they wash our dishes with?  We finish breakfast, it was delightful, and we didn't die afterwards so that was a good thing!

Next  up was church.  After church we went to lunch with our worship leader candidate.  We went to Red Robin because Anthony wanted Clucks and Fries.  I don't know how he ate them.  I was still stuffed from breakfast!

That evening we went and saw the new Batman movie.  I thought it was the best of the three.  At 2 hours and 45 minutes it is the longest of the three as well.  It was bedtime by the time we got home.  All in all, for a Sunday birthday, I think it went well and he had a fairly good day.

As I had mentioned in a previous post, I redid his room as my birthday gift to him.  The last time it had been painted was when we moved in and he was entering 4th grade.  He is a sophomore now and it was time for an update.  It was light and bright before and now it is more like a cave.  The room pays homage to the love of his life, baseball, and to his favorite team, Boston.  He has a Boston man cave.  Perfect!  It is complete except for the large Nike Swoosh that we have ordered to go above his TV.  You can find anything on the internet!!  My boy is all grown up and he has his very own cave!  I'm so proud!

The Before!  The sheet is on the window because the arched part didn't have shades and it would put a glare on his TV.  Heaven forbid!

Yes, we were watching Sherlock Holmes while tearing the room down.

The Man Cave!

Just imagine a big white Nike Swoosh over the TV!

SpongeBob is awesome!

Hats my dad got signed for Anthony!

What a cute puppy dog!  His eyes, however, are saying, "Do you see what I have to put up with?"

July 28, 2012

Spooky moons of summer

The summer of redo!

This summer is full of redos for our house.  One of our favorite things to do on summer evenings is sit outside and eat, or talk, or read,.  With some work I created a space where we could do all those things even after it got dark.  To make it even more exciting, this was the first year we actually bought outdoor furniture.  Well, that isn't actually true.  We have gotten bits and pieces from garage sales or from people who didn't want theirs anymore.  This furniture came from the clearance section, so I guess technically it still came from stuff no one wanted, but it was new and it's mine and we love it!

Up next, I redid Anthony's room for his birthday and in August our kitchen is getting an update!  WooHoo for the summer of redo!

July 13, 2012

Work perk!

I work for an incredibly generous man.  I was talking about wanting to take the boys out four-wheeling but the cost and red tape was ridiculous.  He said to bring them to work and we could use his ATV.  Not only does he have the equipment but he owns acres and acres of wooded land adjacent to the work property.

So today we took him up on his offer.  We had a blast!  His land is beautiful and we enjoyed exploring it.  We brought Rolo along with us and I think he had the most fun.  He would tear after the ATV to catch up to it and then try to stand in front of it.  Stupid dog!  We set up camp down by the creek that runs through heavily dense forest.  Whenever someone left we would have to physically hold Rolo down so he wouldn't chase after them.  We would wait until we couldn't hear the engine anymore and then let him go.  He would bolt after them though and he'd always find them.  I guess he is a good hunter dog after all!

We went for a long creek walk.  Many times it would be a challenge to find a way around an obstacle but I think that was half the fun.  Rolo moved like a ninja through the forest.  I think he felt at home. There were a couple times when the water would get really deep and he wasn't expecting it.  Panic!  It was kinda funny!

I feel very blessed to work for someone who enjoys sharing.  We had a great time!  Many good memories made today!


A few days after our anniversary Brian and I flew down to Napa for a GHC cluster.  This is a big deal for me as I truly hate to fly.  We had a wonderful dinner out to celebrate our anniversary since I had been sick on the actual day.  Yummy, yummy food!  It was a short trip as Brian had to get back to do a wedding.  Fly, take pictures, and then fly again.  Not ideal, but I got some nice pictures out of it!

July 7, 2012

July 4th

We had a fun 4th!  I had the day off and it was good to just hang out with the boys.  I miss them!  We BBQ'd some yummy Costco steaks and then enjoyed some strawberry shortcake.  Then the night festivities began.  Boys lighting things on fire!  The twins were goofy and it was fun to laugh with them. 

Happy Independence Day!

Jazz Hands!

Jazz Hands!

We did some fireworks too!