July 20, 2013

Play Ball

On Thursday we got to give Anthony his birthday present.  For those of you who don't know, Anthony is a ginormous Red Sox fan.  To prove this point, here are some pictures of his room.

So for his 16th birthday we are taking him on a trip to Boston to watch his beloved Red Sox!  It was so hard to keep it a secret from him for so many months but was so worth it to see his reaction!

Brian set it up perfectly.  We sat him down and Brian explained that an opportunity came up for him to go to a GHC cluster.  He told Anthony that he had talked to his boss and they said it would be ok if Anthony came along.  He also said we had enough frequent flyer miles so that I could come too.  His brothers would stay home.  I think that statement alone sold him on the trip!  He asked where it was at.  Brian then turned it over to me.

Anthony, knowing me, was not surprised that I put together a scavenger hunt for the location.  He gathered all the clues and this is what he got.

He was stumped as to where Logan was so I told him to Google it.  He came up with a list of places named Logan.  Brian suggested looking up airports.  He Googled Logan airport and as he looked at the results he said MassPort out loud and then a big smile came over his face!  BOSTON!!  He is very excited to spend his birthday at Fenway Park.  (If you want to know what a teenager is thinking you need to check Twitter!)

So, Anthony will get to go to a game on his birthday and since Brian really does have a GHC cluster to go to, Anthony will also get to go to another game on Tuesday.  It is going to be wicked awesome!!

July 6, 2013

Things Tyler says

The twins like to outdo one another.

Tyler - Mom, thank you for dinner.

Parker - Thank you for giving birth to me.

Tyler - Thank you for letting the doctor cut me out of your stomach...area.

Things Parker says

I was going to the store and asked the boys if they had anything specific they wanted me to pick up.

Tyler - Can you get me some bagels and ice cream?

Parker - Can you get me world peace?