August 4, 2013

Wicked Awesome

Our trip to Boston was just as the title described - Wicked Awesome!  It was one of those trips where your heart is sad when it is time to go.  I had an amazing 4 days hanging out with Anthony and Brian and sharing in their love of baseball.


Boston Bound!  Getting ready to leave for the airport!!

Boston arrived!  Finally on the ground.  In one piece!! 

Monday - Anthony's Birthday!

We get up at 8am (5am), get dressed, and go down and ask the hotel front desk if they could recommend a good breakfast place.  The guy doesn't have a clue.  He said he doesn't live around here. it is then.  We found The Breakfast Club and it was delicious.  Anthony had Cinnamon Roll French Toast with a side of bacon, of course!

 Our first glimpse of Fenway!

Fenway Park is the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball.  It was built in 1912.  It is not a stadium, it is a ballpark. They are very picky about that distinction!

Getting ready to take the Fenway tour.


 The Green Monster!!!
The Green Monster was built to keep the people in the surrounding buildings from being able to watch the games for free.  It was originally painted white but the players kept losing the white ball against the white wall.  So the owner had his wife go to the store to pick out a color.  She decided to paint it green and today that color is trademarked as Fenway Green.  If you want to work the scoreboard on the Green Monster there is a 30 year waiting list.  It is also an unpaid position.  

These are the oldest seats in Major League Baseball.  They are original to the ballpark.  The only thing that has changed is they installed springs so the seats can fold up instead of staying flat.  They are also painted once a year.  The seats are small and not very comfortable and the leg room factor is considered below average. However, tradition is very big here so the seats are unlikely to change.  In fact, the city wanted to build a bigger, newer stadium but the fans objected.  The fans raised all the money for the renovation instead.  Not a dime of city money or taxes were used.

Sitting on top of the Green Monster.  To get the privilege of watching the game from here you put your name in at the beginning of the season and they have a lottery.  If your name gets chosen you get whatever game you get.  Take it or leave it.

The pitcher's bullpen.

The Red Sox want families to be able to come enjoy the park without having to worry about the fans who would like to drink a little more so they have a special section for the rowdy people!

R-O-W-D-I-E that's the way we spell rowdy, rowdy, let's get rowdy!

The red chair indicates where the longest home run in Fenway history was hit.

After the Fenway tour we went over to the TD Garden which is where the Celtics and Bruins play. They have a sports museum there but we missed the last tour by 10 minutes.  They closed early because Beyonce was performing the next night.  Thanks, Beyonce!

Next door to TD Garden was a federal building.  The building is largely unmarked, I assume to make it less conspicuous.  The giant cement chess like pieces that surround the building don't draw any attention to it whatsoever!

After the failed museum outing we had some lunch and then headed back to Fenway.  One of the things I got Anthony for his birthday was enrollment in Red Sox Nation.  That gave him early entry into Fenway to watch batting practice.  The membership allows him and one guest to go in but a very nice young man let me go in too!

 We watched from the Green Monster!

Our seats for the night!  I have been to several different stadiums for baseball games but the feeling you have here is different from all others.  It is hard to describe but it almost feels like you're in a family room watching the game.  Granted this family room has old seats with below average leg room but it is totally worth it!

Anthony's favorite player, #2, Jacoby Ellsbury.

Wally, the Green Monster.

Ya, they do!!

 Me and my baby boy!

 After the game.


We slept in a little and then went down to breakfast.  Brian had a GHC meeting so Anthony and I headed out to ride a speed boat tour-ish of Boston Harbor.  We get there alive and in one piece.  I hate driving in Boston.  It is so confusing.  We had our handy dandy GPS navigating system with us but she was notorious for not giving instructions until the very last second.  I got honked at several times!  We get there to find that Shane Victorino is signing autographs.  What a delightful surprise!  (He is an outfielder for the Red Sox.)

However, that delight did not last long.  We were standing in line for the speed boat when it started raining.  Hard.  We are from Oregon.  Rain doesn't frighten us, but this was apocalyptic type rain. There was no shelter so we had to just stand there.  It was raining so hard it felt like you were in a shower.  Saying we got drenched would be an understatement.  Needless to say, they cancelled our boat tour.  We headed back to the hotel to dry off.  It continued to pour off and on all afternoon so Anthony and I decided just to stay in and order a pizza and watch a movie.  

Then we set off to game #2. The clouds finally cleared and we got a beautiful evening.  


I can't help it.  I had to get some flower pictures in!!

We packed up the car as we had a flight out later that night and we set off on our last day in Boston.

The crazy GPS lady.

 Getting ready to go on Codzilla, the speed boat tour.  Second time was the charm.

 After the boat fun we head back over to TD Garden now that Beyonce was done.  We get there and are told the sports museum is closed for renovations until October.  Really?  The guy on Monday couldn't  have told us that?!!!!!  They did have a tour of the facility so we did that instead.

We thought this was funny because she had just gone into the team store to buy this shirt.  He was traded to another team a few days before.  Hope she got a discount!

The original floors from the former Boston Garden.

The visiting team's NBA locker room.  The fuzzy black carpet was specially put in for Beyonce. How fancy and diva like!

Bossy signs.

We got to go "backstage" where they store all the stuff.

Real life manpris! 

This is not YOUR breakroom.  This is for your Co-Workers only!

This table was in a cafeteria.  We think it is Beyonce's table!

Shaq's shoes from when he played for the Celtics.

Babe Ruth in his Red Sox uniform.  He was famously sold to the Yankees where he became a legend.

We decided to do some of the Freedom Trail while we still had some time left before we had to go to the airport.  The have a red line running through the sidewalks indicating the path to follow. Kinda cool!

I tried to get Anthony to give Paul Revere a high five but he wouldn't do it!

The old North Church where Paul Revere did his lantern thing.

Alas, it was time to go.  Sadness!  The guy at the parking garage told us it would take us an hour to get to the airport depending on traffic.  We allowed an hour and a half, just for safety.  It took us 20 minutes and that included getting gas!  We had some time to kill at the airport!  (I've done that before!)  An hour before the flight is when I take my valium for my issues with flying.  I did that and about 15 minutes later Brian comes walking over to report our flight was delayed for 2 hours.  Seriously?  I won't be conscious in 2 hours!!  Getting on the plane at that time could prove problematic.  While waiting, I got to watch the planes take off.  It fascinates me how they can get off the ground.  Either this was a super busy airport or there was weather somewhere in the world that was delaying flights because there was always a line of at least 10 planes waiting to take off.  One would take off and then one would land, over and over again.  Then I saw a fire truck race by with their lights on.  That was my cue to walk away from the window and go sit down.

I make it on the plane without having to be carried, always a good thing.  Over Montana it started getting bumpy.  I looked out the window to see the most spectacular lighting show ever.

In case I didn't know that Anthony enjoyed the trip it was later confirmed on Twitter!