December 6, 2013

He's mobile

We have a baby and we look forward to the next stage.  It starts with looking forward to them being able to hold their head up on their own.  Then we are excited that they can sit unassisted.  We post on Facebook when they can roll over.  Then they start to crawl and we brag about how smart they are.  Our child is mobile!  Then the excitement wears away and we realize, snap, our child is mobile!  Why did we want this?!!  Well, my baby has been mobile for awhile now but it is now on a much grander scale.  He got his driver's license!  He got it the day after we got back from Boston.  (All the way back in July!)

I have discovered the delights of having a car mobile child.  He runs my errands for me.  Of course, I say I am using it as a teaching tool.  "You have X amount of money.  You need to buy enough food for breakfasts and lunches for you and your brothers for one week.  Budget, shop, and put the groceries away."  (You have to remember this is during the summer when they are home and I am at work.)  He did a great job.  He never went over budget and got mostly mom approved food items.  I taught a lesson and got something checked off my to do list.  Delightful!

Anthony at the DMV!

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