December 9, 2013

Sunriver, Oregon

After I got back from Texas, (we literally left the next day) we went on our long awaited family vacation to Sunriver.  We rented a wonderful home and really enjoyed all Sunriver has to offer.  This year Anthony brought a friend with him since he likes to be more active than the rest of us on vacation.  16 year old boys have this boundless energy that I just can't seem to match in my old age!

We did a lot of biking because this is how you get around in Sunriver.  There are roads but for everyday activities you travel by bike.  We did some swimming.  Brian and the two older boys played golf.  The twins and I played mini golf.  Tyler and I did some horseback riding.  Tyler was given a bad time because when a horse got up close to him he said "they look so lifelike and real!"  That's because they are!  I also couldn't resist taking pictures.  

It was a great time of relaxing and spending time with the men that I love.  

Tyler's lifelike and real horse!

We found the "Rolo" of horses!

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