January 14, 2014

California Sunshine

For the second half of Christmas break we flew down to California for 8 days.  We flew down to San Jose and the flight was uneventful.  With this horrible flu going around the twins and I were very cautious and wiped everything down with antibacterial wipes.  Brian and Anthony were 5 rows behind us and risked the germs.  (Luckily, no one got sick!)  I taught the twins to count the number of rows between us and the exits.  I doubt in a moment of panic that I would actually remember how many rows but it doesn't hurt to try.  (You want to know how far to the exit because most likely the cabin will be filled with smoke and/or dark and you won't be able to see.  You will need to count the rows with your hands.  A lot of people will pass an exit because they can't see and just head for the front or back of the plane.  It could save your life!)

We went to visit my dad in Santa Cruz first.  We had delightful weather and a great visit.  It was 65 and sunny in Capitola on New Year's Eve.  We watched the surfers, had coffee/tea/Italian soda at Mr. Toots, and walked around the shops.

Next we drove up to Brian's parent's house in Groveland, which is just outside of Yosemite.  We did some hiking and played a lot of board games.  Parker crushed us in Monopoly and Anthony and I dominated in Settlers.  Also played was Skipbo and Garbage.

We also went to Central California where Brian guest spoke at a friend's church.

Our flight home was fun.  Brian had another commitment in another town so he wasn't flying home with us.  He dropped us off at the airport and we got all checked in and our flight was scheduled to be 3 hours late.  We get settled at the gate and we ask why the flight was so late.  The lady at the gate says she doesn't know.  I ask her if our flight will be a continuing flight.  I asked this because we were flying Southwest and we forgot to check in in a timely manner so we were in the B boarding group.  I like A group because I like sitting towards the front of the plane.  That wasn't going to happen with a B group so my next thought was we need to find two rows together because 737's are configured with 3 seats on either side of the aisle.  With a B group boarding we still had a chance of finding two rows together unless it was a continuing flight, meaning there would already be people on the plane when boarding started.  So, my question seemed to confuse the lady as she told me, "Of course the plane was coming from someplace else."  I said, "I realize the plane is coming from somewhere else, but is everyone getting off the plane when it lands?"  She couldn't answer that.  Whatever.  Anthony and Tyler stay at the gate while Parker and I go to find food.  When we come back Anthony says they made an announcement and said our plane was coming from the east coast and was delayed because of weather.

Side note.  When Anthony relayed the announcement to me he left out one part.  They had said it was an operational issue.  He took that to mean an operational issue with the plane and not an issue with the operation of the company.  He wanted to spare me anxiousness.  I love that kid!  He is so thoughtful.  As it turns out, our plane came from Chicago and the intense cold had caused some of the rings in the fuel trucks to freeze so the Chicago airport only had 2 fuel trucks for the entire airport.  There was a long line at the pump!

We finally board and we find seats at the back of the plane.  Boo!  Tyler and I sat in one row and Anthony and Parker sat behind us.  The flight was a rough one.  There was turbulence and several drops.  The flight attendants sat down.  I kept turning around to make sure Parker was doing ok because he hates to fly almost as much as I do.  He said, "Yes, I love feeling like we are going to crash at any moment."  Me too!

It was a great trip.  Lots of memories made and we are ready for the new year!

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