February 27, 2014

Guest Author, Parker Burman

Sanitation Over Profitization!
By: Parker B. Burman Period 3
Many Local Sustainable farms use manure to fertilize grass, even though many people find manure to be gross. But the manure is a natural fertilizer that is healthier for the grass. In The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan identifies that Local Sustainable is fresher and healthier than organic, it is “Beyond Organic!” Some may believe the local sustainable meal is a more expensive way to feed a family, because farmers usually charge more for quality. People should eat Local Sustainable because it is more sanitary, healthier than other foods, and it is generally easier to get than the other three types of food.
The first reason people should eat local sustainable food  is because it is more sanitary. Local sustainable is more sanitary because the chickens are cleaner. They had a lab do a study on their chickens vs. other chickens sanitation, and Polyface won!(Page 174) The chickens live in a cleaner environment. On page 150 it says that supermarket chickens are raised in a “Ten-Thousand-Bird shed that stinks to high heaven,” Except Joel’s chickens don’t, Joel is the owner of Polyface farms, which is in Virginia. The chickens clean the farm. The chickens eat larvae and grubs, which according to page 147 cuts down on bugs and parasites. Local sustainable is more sanitary because they use animals to clean instead of pesticides, in fact Polyface food is also healthier.
Food that comes from farms like Polyface is healthier than the other three types of food, like Industrial, Industrial Organic, and Hunter Gatherer. According to page 150  Polyface farms does not use any pesticides. When farms do not use pesticides, their food does not have any dangerous chemicals. Local sustainable cleans their chickens after they gut them.(Page 179) They gut the chickens in the most sanitary way possible, in a clean environment. According to page 162, Polyface uses natural materials to fertilize the grass. Using natural resources makes it easier to acquire and it is natural. Local sustainable is much healthier compared to the other types because it does not use pesticides. Additionally, it is easy to get.
Local sustainable is generally easy to acquire. Polyface only ships to places less than 150 miles away.(Page 183) Shipping close to Polyface means the food stays fresh because it is not on the road for very long. According to page 184  people also find it easier to drive there. People can easily drive there because it is local. Some people don’t like local sustainable though. People worry that because they don’t use pesticides, the food will have bacteria. They also don’t like the additional cost.  Local sustainable is local and easy to get. All in all, Local sustainable is healthier.

People believe that even though it may cost more money, Local Sustainable food is healthier and generally better for you. A good way to overcome the Omnivore’s Dilemma is to eat Local Sustainable and have a healthier diet, even though it may affect your wallet. Local sustainable is healthier, it is more sanitary, and it is easier to get than food from other countries, when we can just grow our own food here. When people think about the food we eat, people really only care about the taste, but we as people need to see our food for what it is, people need to know what is in their food so people can choose our diets wisely.

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