March 28, 2014

Moving from liquid sunshine to actual sunshine

It is after much prayer and faith in following God through the doors He has opened, that we have decided to leave Oregon and move back to California.  God's timing doesn't always makes sense to us.  God's timing can be downright inconvenient to our mere mortal plans, but God's timing is perfect and when He calls, we need to follow.

We weren't looking for this opportunity.  There was no reason to.  Our church is doing great. Anthony will be a senior next year, the twins will be freshman.  I have a job that I love.  Life is good.  God's timing doesn't always makes sense.

Brian got a call one day from a pastor that he planted a church with back in California in the 90's.  The church they planted was the church I started attending.  It was the church where I met Brian.  This pastor was the one who married us.  There was an opening for the senior associate pastor at their church and they offered the job to Brian.  There was no search committee.  No long interview process.  If Brian wanted the job, it was his.

So Brian brought the offer to the family.  We went our separate ways and prayed about it.  The only way we would start considering a move is if God laid a yes on each of our hearts separately.

I truly feel that God has called us to be in Oregon for the last 16 years.  In terms of family, it feels like we have been away on a mission field.  Apart from my sister, our entire family is in California.  Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.  This opportunity we were presented with was the first time I have felt God telling me that I could go home.

That is not to say that we don't have family here in Oregon.  God has brought us a "surrogate" family to care for us and we are so thankful for them and will miss them more than words can say.  With Brian's job being what it is, I know that life on earth is not guaranteed.  One of our surrogate grandparents died very recently.  For me, that only deepened my desire to be home.

I came back to the table with a yes.  I won't speak to Brian's thought process as that is his to share, but he came back with a yes.  Last was Anthony.  We gave him full veto power.  We would not ask him to move his senior year if he didn't want to.  We actually asked for his vote first so he wouldn't feel swayed by our answers.  He was a yes. Parker was a yes.  Tyler was a yes.

God has been leading us forward since we all came together with a unified heart.  It hasn't always been easy but following God rarely is.  It is a step of faith.  Someone described it like the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where he is standing over a deep chasm and he has to take that step, not knowing if there is something there to stop him from falling.  Faith can be terrifying but the reward is thrilling.  I don't know what God has planned for us in California but I do know that I'm going to need to invest in sunscreen.  Lots and lots of sunscreen!


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