April 1, 2014

Growing older

So, yesterday was my birthday and the best part was that my boys had the day off from school so I got to hang out with them all day.  After my morning workout (because I'm not 29 anymore!) we went out to breakfast.  We then went and saw the movie Non-Stop.  Parker and I should really not see movies like that.  If Liam Neeson ever gets on my plane I will be getting off it.  (I saw The Grey too.  He doesn't have great luck on airplanes!)

When I am on Facebook I see friends with their cute little babies or toddlers and for a moment I long for the days of endless hugs and kisses and "I lub yous."  When they are teenagers they vocalize their displeasure with you more than their love for you.  Yesterday reminded me that the ability to put your feelings into words is what is wonderful about your kids growing up.  The "cards" my boys got me for my birthday melted my heart.  Here is what Parker wrote me.  (Parker is a huge comic book geek!)

"To my Beloved Mother,
Mom, I am giving you this note instead of buying a meaningless card and writing "I love you" because I think this is more meaningful.  Mom, you are like the Justice League because you have their strengths and weaknesses. (not necessarily bad)

Superman-You defend those weaker than you
Wonder Woman-You are a brave warrior/woman
Batman-You help people even if you have to sacrifice things
Green Lantern-You construct brilliant things with your mind
Flash-You help people really fast
Cyborg-You believe that humans are better than machines
Shazam-You have the wisdom of Solomon
Aquaman-A fair ruler of this house

Superman-You are my kryptonite
Wonder Woman- You don't turn into Wonder Woman when you spin
Batman-The Pee-Wee Herman tragedy drove you to help people
Green Lantern-You never give up
Flash-You can't run at the speed of sound
Cyborg-You don't have a gadget for everything
Shazam-There is only 1 of you
Aquaman-The house has no swimming pool for you to rule

Mom, You are my Justice League
Your loving son,
Parker Bailey Burman"

While what he wrote is creative and sweet it is the little things in it that only we know about that make it so precious to me.  For instance, Parker was named after my beloved grandfather.  His middle name is my grandfathers name but Parker never uses it because there are several girls in his class named Bailey and Parker gets made fun of for having a girls name.  He made a point of putting it in because he knows how much that name means to me.

Then there is Tyler.  He is always trying to give me money for things because he doesn't want to be a "burden" on anyone.

Tyler: "I'll pay for my lunch."
Me: "I got your lunch.  You keep your money and save it."

Tyler (handing me money): "This is for the donuts you bought me."
Me: "I don't want your money.  It was a treat.  You keep your money and save it."

Following is an excerpt from his card:
"I want you to know I love you.  Enclosed is a moderate sum of cash.  I don't care if you don't want it, but I want you to keep it.  You could take a day off at the spa, or contribute it to your shoe fund.  I want you to keep it because I want you to know I love you.  You are a strong woman and a great mom, and the world is a better place with you on it.  I love you so much.  Happy birthday, mother."

His thoughtfulness makes my heart happy.

And Anthony, a man of very few words, wrote me a very sweet note as well.  A whole paragraph!!

While the "I lub you" was great, this is far greater!

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Chris Steele said...

Those notes made ME cry!